Week 804 - Tour 2020 Review - 01-09-2022

Tour 2021 Summary

Year end 2021 marks the end of our 16th calendar year of full time motorhome life. While we traveled 7,588 miles in 2021, we settled in the last three months at Far Horizons RV Resort in Tucson, AZ. Though always up for change, our new travel plan is long stays in the winter and vigorous travel in summer. We'll see! In 2022 we'll stay several months at Palm Creek Resort in Casa Grande. So expect to see lots of Favorite Photo travelogues in the coming weeks.

Our 16 years in one view. We have obliterated the map in the West. Yet, we could spend the rest of our days here and never repeat a stay. The USA is vast and fabulous for the RV traveler.

This year end summary we present one travelogue from each of our 16 years. Every year has so many that should be on the list. Picking one was tough. We selected these as a cross section of content: Hikes, culture, family, best trip ever, friends, sports, RV Resort review, RV renovation, moving to a new state, photo collections, Christian ministry and The Elks. This will give you an idea of what you can learn or enjoy reading all 545 offerings (as of 01-2021).

2006 - Week 11 - Great hike Angel's Landing

2007 - Week 55 - Culture Amish in Indiana

2008 - Week 92 - Family Emily & Chad Wedding

2009 - Week 145 - Best Trip Ever South to Alaska

2010 - Week 183 - Friends Valentines' Day

2011 - Week 240 - Sports Pickleball Madness

2012 - Week 299 - Family The Mattson Wedding

2013 - Week 382 - RV Resort Review Motorcoach Country Club

2014 - Week 385 - RV Renovation This will Floor You!

2015 - Week 446-448 - Moving to a new state How to Become a Real Texan

2016 - Week 515-517 - Projects Get the Deck out of Here!

2017 - Week 575 - Photo Collection Hurricane Ike

2018 - Week 642-643 - The Elks Join the Elks

2019 - Week 660-662 - Christian Ministry Crosswind Church SOWER Project

2020 - Week 730-731 - Covid? COVID-90 Uncle Ron

2021 - Week 777-778 - Family Again? Living the Dream

We have been so blessed to be able to travel. And yet we have spent more time with family than we would have if we continued to live in our house. Thanks for "traveling" with us.

2015 - Week 489 - I can't believe they didn't include this! Mandy Yappy New Year

"The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to mankind." Psalm 115:16

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from 2006 to 2021

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