Week 730-731 - COVID-90 - 08-16-2020


A year ago Ellen's Uncle Ron called Ellen's sister Janice. Uncle Ron is from Georgia and would turn 90 this year. Ron asked Janice if the family could meet at Janice and Frank's house for his 90th birthday celebration. "Of course" answered Janice and the wheels were set in motion long before the COVID-19 virus reeked havoc on the world.

Family arrived from Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Lockwood in Central Coast California. Others arrived from North and South California. A cousin came from Texas. Ron flew in from Georgia and his family from Ohio. Bobby bought a motorhome to bring his family from Arizona.

You only turn 90 once, so yes, the party was on!

Cousin Barb, a nurse, from Avondale said we need to be safe. So we could all wear our masks or have Ron wear his. Ron volunteered and the celebration began.

1) Ron with grandson Zack and girlfriend Tessa and Ron's son Brian. 2) Melissa chats with Rebecca as Mario meets David.

This is Mario's first encounter with Melissa's huge family. He is smiling as Melissa said "there won't be a test!".

1) Cousins Donny, Gary and Beverly meet new member Arron. 2) Local family Art, Jared and Ava look on as Ellen tries out Melissa's very expensive camera.

1) Barb says "don't you dare share this photo" as husband Bobby uploads it! Kelly and Diego oversee the situation.

Bobby and Art share some humor as the kids listen in.

1) Zack checks out Frank's Famous Bocce Ball Court. Janet and Frank relax for a moment as the kids use the bocce ball court as a big sand box.

Everyone perked their ears as son-in-law Jeff gave a great tribute to Uncle Ron.

Mario meets Jeff, from Ohio, for the first time, as Brian, master BBQer, chats with Brian from Georgia.

1) Not only did Janice and Frank offer their home, they prepared for weeks and served the food as well. A big thank you goes to both for making this glorious event come to past. 2) Ron's daughter Mary Ellen helps with serving as Micah sprayed sanitizer on all the family hands before they were served.

Janice serves as Hannie counts the beans in each bowl to make sure they are even.

Once again Bobby and Art chat. Art responds "I don't think so". Bobby retorts "just saying!".

Uncle Ron gets the first meal and sits to eat with Zack.

1) Mario gets happy hour going. Andrea checks her watch, "I wonder what time dinner will be?".

Emily checks over Davie Jean. The girls in purple chow down, Davie Jean, Hannie and Coralyn.

Dorothy and Gordon enjoy a quiet moment. Jared smiles at his kids.

Cousin Dennis shares with cousin Janet. Beverly, Kerry, Janet and Dorothy get some girl time.

Jeff, the MC, announces its time to sing and have some cake. Uncle Ron says a prayer to bless the event, as he also did for dinner.

Everyone gathered to sing and wish Uncle Ron many more years.

That could well happen as Uncle Ron walks 1.6 miles each morning and runs around town volunteering to help others as they need.

Truly we need God to Bless America and we need more like Uncle Ron who has blessed this country. Ron joined the Air Force in 1951 and retired after 21 years of service. In his last years of service he was the the Chief Safety Officer for the Pacific Rim. In this assignment as safety officer he flew with missions in Vietnam between 1965 and 1968. Thank you Ron for your service!

Ron, Committed Officer Valiant Intelligent Dauntless-90.

Now, isn't that better than the virus?

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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