Week 11 - Angel's Landings, Laughlin Nevada - 10-29-2006

Angel's Landings, Laughlin Nevada

This was a week of change. We went from Zion River RV Resort (one of the nicest, a 5 on our scale of 1 to 5), to Riverside RV Resort in Laughlin, NV (rates 3 out of 5).  But what a contrast!

Zion park is concrete, beautiful rock and grass. Lot of new friends in the park, no cell service, WiFi that lasted only two days and no cable TV.  Miles from anywhere with thousands of nature hikes close by.  The highs were in the 60's.

Laughlin's Riverside RV park has concrete pads, no grass and mostly dirt.  We met no one in the park.  But the Verizon cell service and AirCard Internet service was tops.  Pete got lots of work done and visited high schools to show off USA GameTracker.  Ellen got 54 cable channels and hiked to the local mall many times.  We are just a few hundred feet from the casino (we don't gamble), the river (we took an 1 1/2 hour boat ride) and the $9.99 buffet!  Plenty of hiking trails to nowhere with nothing worth seeing!  Highs in the 70s and 80s.

Quite a difference for one day's travel!

Monday we took our last hike in Zion. We hiked Angels Landing to enjoy spectacular views of Zion Canyon. It was a strenuous 5 mile hike with a climb of 1,488 feet. Described as "not for anyone with a fear of heights". Well, we conquered that fear.  We spent the evening in the hot tub with our friends Jerry and Judi, hoping for relief from our aching muscles.

Pictures from Zion National Park, climbing to the top of Angel's Landing

Pete finally got some cell reception!

Tuesday we went through St. George, then on to Valley of Fire at Lake Mead in Nevada. We intended to camp. But we had no cell service, so we continued on to Riverside RV Resort in Laughlin, NV. We are up on a hill overlooking the city.  We have great Verizon coverage and Pete is getting a lot of work done.

Saturday Pete worked. Ellen took a 35 mile bicycle ride leaving Nevada by going over the Laughlin bridge through Bullhead City, Riviera City, and Mojave City, Arizona, crossing the bridge back into Nevada at Aztec Road, taking the Aha Macav Parkway to Needles Highway and back into Laughlin. It took about five hours. She found a great little Mexican restaurant on Aztec Road (behind Burger King). A must stop for anyone going through the area. It is called Humberto's.

Saturday afternoon we went for a cruise up and down the river, dined in the casino, and soaked in the spa.

The view from our RV site at Laughlin Nevada

On a cruise on the Colorado River

See ya next week. Love, Pete and Ellen

Motorhome Q&A:  What does it cost to camp each day?  Boondocking at Walmarts and friend's homes is free. Parks range from $15.00 to $48.00 so far.  We rate all parks on a scale from 1 to 5. We rated Lake Hugo, OK ($15.00)  a four!  Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs CO ($48.00) a two.  We have stayed 81 days since our Bon Voyage party.  Total camping costs: $1,415.00 or $17.47 per night (yay for friends and Walmarts).

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Love, Pete and Ellen

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