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Why a Scooter?: We having been riding motorcycles since 1973 and have owned both on and off-road bikes. We understand that many people are fearful and would never want to ride on the road with other vehicles. But for those who do, or might like to try it, the rewards are great.

1. It's fun! It is great to be out in the elements and feel the weather, not just read about it. Compared to an enclosed car it is like living in an area where you notice the four seasons, versus a climate that is always temperate.
2. It's economical. The scooter costs less than a car in its purchase, fuel, maintenance, registration and insurance.
3. You get the best parking spaces. You can always find a spot and always park closer than a car.

If you have only a scooter and no car, your motorhome can:
4. ...travel at maximum speeds.
5. ...back up, so you can travel any road and not worry about finding a turnaround spot.
6. ...travel in carpool lanes on the freeway.
7. ...back into an overnight RV site without unhooking.
8. Toll roads and ferries cost less.
9. Moho weight is less, gets better fuel mileage than with a car.
10. You can pull into any grocery store or shopping center and find a spot.
11. Less road damage to your "toad" and much quicker to clean up dirt and dust.

How Big?: Fast enough for the freeway. A 400cc is okay, but our 650cc Suzuki Burgman goes anywhere, as fast as we want. And it's under seat storage holds five plastic bags of groceries.

Brands and Models: Here are few that we would consider.

Carriers: You will need a carrier. We will review many of the popular models here.

Scooter Driving Tips: There are tons of tips we will share with you to keep you safe.

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