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Fulltime Motorhoming Communications Products

This is a list of items you will need or might want.

Phones & Internet Hot Spot: Today it is a paperless world. While you can get by with "paper", you will miss a lot of good information, like BigRigBible.com. All cellular carriers offer you Internet access. It can be on you smart phone or a hot spot. Generally, the hot spots will be faster and can be accessed by all devices in your vehicle. Verizon claims to have the most coverage across North America. You may have service with another cellular company and be very happy with them. However, if you travel throughout the United States, there is no doubt that Verizon indeed has the best coverage. We have been to 50 states and 5 provinces and can confirm that we have coverage when others do not. Twice, in ten years, other carriers had better coverage.

Mail: We travel "paperless". But, there are still situations where you will need mail. You will need to receive new ID and credit cards. Many small companies are not fully Online. You need a mailing service. We are fortunate to have family willing to receive our mail. We have also used YourBestAddress.com and Escapees.com mailing service. Both were great. There are many other choices. Just be careful to understand all the possible fees. We had another service in South Dakota that had many charges that were not made apparent when we signed up.(more info)

Email: Vital to your travels and keeping your connections to family and friends. Our communications are about 95% by email.

Internet: We will share tips on using the Internet and finding needed information in the shortest time.

Fax: You can send and receive faxes on the road. And this will help eliminate the need for mail. See Business Phones below.

Business Phones: We are running a computer business as we travel. We have found an amazing service to help us.

Daily Diary: Keeping a simple one-line per day diary will allow you to find any information quickly.

Photo Journal: Have you used any photo album software? Our method uses just Windows and is really easy and efficient.

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The Full Time Motorhome Living Guide

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