Week 733-734 - Cooling on the Coast - 09-06-2020

Cooling on the Coast

Still searching for a new A/C unit we remain on the coast. Leaving Eureka we continued up Hwy 101 toward Oregon.

Our first stop was still in California at the Klamath River RV Park. Temperature? 60 degrees, nice! The sites are tight but you have large area in front of your RV. The "grass" is grass but not green like the park's website shows. This is typical, which is why our BigRigBible.com website shows the real sites. Sure, the grass was green when the park was built or maybe it is green sometime during the year. But on our visit it was mostly brown. Still it is grass not weeds and Mandy approved.

The view out our front window is great. Water always makes you happy!

Heading north, you travel near and away from the ocean. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. This pullover spot would be great for the day.

Here we are in Oregon, crossing over the Rogue River just north of Gold Beach. Turtle Rock RV Resort in Gold Beach has RV sites, some with a private spa. We stayed before but it was not available on this day.

Our stop for a couple of days was the Coquille Valley Elks in Oregon. A quiet Elks lodge with 8 RV sites. The sites are not exciting but the view is great. Temp? 67 degrees, that's a little better.

The RV sites and lodge overlook their 9 hole golf course.

Pete's sister Donnalee and friend Don came in their motorhomes to join us for a few days. We did some local tours and played 9 holes of golf. Pete walked the mile and half, more than he walked all of last year! The "after golf" nap was super.

A trip to Bandon was fun, however it was high winds and cold on this day. This fish is constructed of recycled debris from the ocean.

Donnalee and Ellen wrap up. Don and Pete were in shorts. "Hey, are you two together?"

Donnalee loves nature. Would you kiss a sea lion, wood you?

South of Bandon are a number of accessible beach areas. This one had a number of folks freezing their tushes off.

Donnalee and Don made two trips to Coos Bay to get some yummy oysters to BBQ.

Further up the 101 we headed to the Florence Elks. They have 20 RV sites at their lodge in town. Another 40 Elks sites are at the Elks Judd Huntington Recreation RV Park 5 miles north.

Each site has 50 amps and water. Two dump stations are available. Sites are private, separated by trees and shrubs. Temperature 68, fine. We would like it just a little warmer, so we head to Tillamook.

Oops, foggy and misty, not looking good.

However, in the last few miles the sun comes out and it warms to 73 or 74, perfect! This Elks RV Park, like Florence is 5 miles from town. It is huge with 36 sites and 15 more being planned. The sites are the largest of th 117 Elks lodges we have stayed at. They are 25 feet wide and 70 feet long!

And there are acres of grass for Mandy to play on. This area by their meeting area is larger than a football field and the grass is green. Mandy is in love.

A friendly elk told us to visit Cape Lookout for great hikes and views. Cape Lookout would be one of Oregon's best kept secrets if everybody did not know about it.

We took a short walk on the South Trail.

It was a good test for Ellen's ankle. We didn't go far before we turned around. For our praying friends, please continue prayers for her healing, thank you.

Walking is out, scenic driving is in. We visited the village of Oceanside with houses high on the hill.

The view from the houses is magnificent.

We will continue up the coast. Stay "cool."

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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