Week 717-718 - Favorite Photos #37, Southeast Washington - 05-17-2020

Favorite Photos #37, Southeast Washington

   AKA: Peaceful Photo Collection
   AKA: COVID-19 Lock Down Edition

We get it, these are photos from Southeast Washington with the first few from Northeast Oregon

But why Peaceful Photo Collection? When people ask us "What is your favorite place?", we always answer, "The People." We have met such amazing people. Those with bizarre careers, millionaires who share their house with us, a notable horse jockey, a harness racer, 30-year river guides, air force pilot, commercial pilot, nurse, doctor, wine maker, Canadians, Mexicans, pastors, Elk Duck Thiel with his gift of 10 days on his 40 foot motor yacht, RV friends who invite us to their home and hundreds more. We love these people, but think how peaceful it would be if you could travel and see no one.

Why the COVID-19 Lock Down Edition? After we collected the photos for this travelogue we realized that no one but us were in the pictures.

This this is how life would be if everyone were locked down as we traveled.

A sneak peak of the river between the Oregon Hells Canyon Overlook and Joseph, Oregon. With no one around you just hear the rhythmic whoosh of water.

Around the corner you enjoy the river with no one distracting you.

Along this vacant road you only hear the quiet whirling of the ScooterShip's 650 twin engine.

You pass this mountain cabin with the residents cowering inside hoping to avoid the virus.

Now on the highway north of Joseph heading a long way toward Clarkston, Washington.

Passing the wheat fields in silence as the farmers await the signal to be allowed outside.

The re-roofing of this barn will have to wait until the governor gives the go ahead.

No traffic to avoid on this road along the Snake River near Asotin, Washington.

Serenity Now! As we reach the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.

Violation! The geese are not six feet apart.

Peaceful and beautiful.

The ducks are social distancing.

Even the wind is not allowed to be outdoors!

Enjoy the bike trail by yourself.

And see the beauty of the evening.

The MotherShip has neighbors but we don't.

A boat sneaks by; hope they only have two so they don't violate Michigan's 2-in-a-boat maximum!

Heading north of Clarkston, one solitary truck managed to skirt the lock down order.

Could it be more peaceful than on Washington's Highway 95.

We privately enjoyed the sunset at the Spokane Elks Lodge.

No workers in the field at this farm on Hwy 95?

Enjoy your time on the lonely highway.

Entering Stoneridge Resort in Blanchard, Idaho.

Ben and Sid can't welcome us as they shelter in place in their motorhome.

Even we don't seem to be allowed to enjoy this office view from our office.

Did you feel the peace flowing through your body? Do you long for a world without the traffic? Ah, to have the road to yourself! Then again who would be there to provide your fuel, your food and your campsites? And you can forget a new pair of shorts, a cap or sunglasses. Everything you always knew would be there, isn't. No vendors, no friends, no events, nothing. Just you and your mate and nothing else. It's time for the governors to open the markets and let the adults in the room make their own decisions!

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from July 2011

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