Week 716 - Yosemite Valley Photo Collection - 05-03-2020

Yosemite Valley Photo Collection

As our states start to open for business, we present the valley at Yosemite National Park. You can enjoy the photos today and dream of the time that you can go there.

You get your first glimpse of Yosemite Valley from the view point just west of the Wawona Tunnel.

Coming out of the tunnel is a large area to park and enjoy the views and get photos.

El Capitan, the "Great Rock Climb of the World".

The valley floor is a big meadow with trees, rocks, waterfalls, hiking trails, facilities and camping. On the floor is a road loop to take you to all these excellent features.

Ellen on a hike to Vernal Falls, the mild to strenuous 1.5 mile Mist Trail.

Pete relaxes near the base of Vernal Falls.

A nice pool below the falls.

Ellen heads up the moderate steps on the way to the strenuous climb to the top of the falls.

Made it!

A placid pool above the falls. Careful as it quickly drops over the cliff.

This chipmunk is practicing social distancing.

These folks not so much, but than again these photos are from September 2010.

Millions visit Yosemite Valley every year. We found this great pull out on Northside Drive along the Merced River. A nice place to relax, have lunch, soak in the river and a base for us to take the scooter throughout the valley.

These next four photos are from Glacier Point, 3,214 feet above the valley. Half Dome is an iconic landmark for Yosemite National Park.

The Ahwahnee Hotel as seen from Glacier Point.

Glacier Point outcropping.

Half Dome up close. Reportedly it was cut in half by a glacier.

The rest of this photo collection is from May of 2011. If possible visit the park in the spring for the most dramatic waterfalls. Bridalveil Falls as seen from the Yosemite Tunnel view point.

Bridalveil Creek rushes during the spring.

A view of Bridalveil Falls as you get closer.

You are going to get wet as you progress toward the falls in the spring.

A view of Upper Yosemite Falls from the Southside Drive.

In spring you will have snow in the meadows.

A good view for Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Creek also very powerful in the spring.

Lower Yosemite Falls is awe inspiring.

The Yosemite Creek, Creek? Looks like a river.

A snow covered Half Dome is a great last image of the valley.

We continue to wait on a buyer for our house. Ellen is progressing in the healing of her heel. We so look forward to getting on the road to see sights like we have shown here and to meet up with our RV friends.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from Sep 2010 and May 2011

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