Week 708 - Fake News #1 - 03-08-2020

Fake News #1

Fake News is a popular phrase today. You might think that Fake News was a creation of President Trump. That itself would be fake news. It has been around for centuries, beginning with the advent of the printing press. With a free press, a French philosopher, mathematician, and political scientist, Marquis de Condorcet, predicted that a free press would advance knowledge and create a more informed public. President John Adams disagreed saying “There has been more new error propagated by the press in the last ten years than in an hundred years before 1798."

Recently Pete re-read the entire Big Rig Bible web site consisting of 943 pages and 16,131 photos. Small photos from early weeks were enlarged and a few typos were corrected. Pete noticed a few instances of what might be Fake News. Read these headlines, click on More Info for clues and you be the judge. Click on [Fake News?] for our thoughts.

Pete outran this boulder at City of Rocks, New Mexico in 2006.<=Read Headline

Get clues at More Info or see
our thoughts at
[Fake News?] Fake News, it was 2007!
<=Click for our thoughts

This photo was not manipulated.

More Info or
[Fake News?]Fake News, Ellen doesn't have a third eye.

We added this flag from a Google Images photo.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, This is a untouched photo of a Philadelphia building.

Emily and Chad are on the front page.

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[Fake News?]Real News, fake front page.

Mt. Rushmoore has Washington, Adams, Roosevelt, Lincoln and Mattson.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, it's Jefferson not Adams!.

Real float from 2008 Port Angeles 4th of July parade.

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[Fake News?]Dunno, it's looks real to us!

Dinah sits on Vernal, Utah's main street.

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[Fake News?]Dinah sits just off Main Street to not block traffic.

Pete only likes Class 3 rapids.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, but this Class 3 section of the Snake River was wild, safe and warm. Best river ride ever.

We sold our house!.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, no offers yet, but we are happy to wait for the right owner.

That's enough Fake News for now. Ellen's heel is recovering from her operation. But, the IV insertion in her arm was done poorly and has caused a blood clot. Please pray for this clot to dissolve away.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from 2007 to 2008

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