Week 709 - Feather River Highway - 03-15-2020

Feather River Highway

In October 2010 we were headed to the Huntsman Games. We were ready to play our first Pickleball tournament! As we were in Butte Valley with daughter Emily and husband Chad, the most direct path was California's Feather River Highway (Hwy 70) and onto the Loneliest Road in America, Highway 50. Hwy 70 follows the Feather River for 70 miles before leaving the river.

As you can there are number of tunnels along the river.

While we did not have the time to lollygag, we did stop at times to see some features in person.

This creek and waterfall are sweet! There is nothing better than traveling near water, rivers, lakes, oceans and waterfalls.

Without tunnels this highway would not be possible.

We can only surmise that this "tunnel" was created as PGE lacked the "real estate" for its Rock Creek Power Plant. Why else would you built transmission lines above the roadway?

Continuing along this seductively pleasant river.

Perhaps planes are above these trains and automobiles bridges.

This arch bridge spans the North Feather River.

We're not the only motorhome travelers enjoying this route.

Oops, the weather changed quickly.

Entering and leaving the town of Portola, California.

Sadly we leave the Feather River Highway and merge with Nevada's Hwy 395.

Arriving at the Sparks Marina RV Park, the weather changed quickly from rain to hail. Fun!

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from Oct 2010

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