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Motorhome Tips

We have presented a few tips here. This section grows over time.

The Walk around: Every time we move, we walk around the entire motorhome, even if we stop for lunch. We check all storage compartments, make sure all utilities are unhooked, check behind for clearance and check to see that our TV antenna is down!

Weighing your motorhome: After you load all your belongings and fluids, weigh your home. Based on your loaded weight, you can determine your required tire pressures. Where can you weigh it? This can be tough. We just kept making phone calls until we found the right place. We wanted to weigh front, rear, left side, right side and total. Then we cross checked all numbers. The cost can be from zero to quite a lot, make sure to ask.

Checking your tires: After determining your weight, refer to your manual for tire pressures. You probably have a tire pressure sticker in your home. Our pressures with a loaded motorhome differ from the sticker. We check our cold pressures each day we move. We carry a gauge, a hose and air chuck to add air. Note that if you drive only a few miles to an air pump, your tires will heat up and your pressures are to be checked cold.

Tools you need: See our Tools and Supplies page for items we carry in the MotherShip.

Phones or Walkie Talkies: For $20.00 (12-2007) you can purchase a pair of walkie talkies. They are useful and fun in a lot of places, but mainly we use ours when setting up camp. We each carry one when we park. We can talk about backing into a site; checking the cable TV which several times has not worked; yell "stop" when a slide is going to collide with something, etc. Basically, it saves you time from not having to run back inside to talk to one another. If you have two cell phones, these will work well in place of Walkie Talkies.

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