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Digital Photography Tips

We are not experts, but we have taken and modified some very outstanding photos. We have taken 90,051 (02-2020) photos and put 16,090 on our weekly travelogues and RV Parks Visited.

Cameras: Today's cameras are amazing. We recommend the following features: 12x-30x Optical Zoom (or greater): You will miss a lot of good shots with a small camera with minimal zoom. The larger zoom cameras will be bigger, but they are worth it. Get a large LCD screen so you can see your photo and re-take it if needed. Ours is the largest we could find at 3 1/4 inches and we can view it without glasses.

Photo Sizes: We take all photos at 7 megapixels. The bigger the photos, the fewer number the camera will hold, the longer it takes to upload to your computer, the more space and the slower the viewing. Note that we reduce our emailed photos to 900 x 675 , about 1/2 of one megapixel. As of 01-2017, 97% of the monitors in the world, can see a 900 x 675 photo without scrolling. If you take large photos and send them without shrinking them, your audience will either have to scroll up/down, left/right and never see the whole picture or view each attachment with a number of clicks for each.

Both are unacceptable. So if your only use of photos is to email them, take them close to 900 x 675. Note, as time goes on, with higher resolution monitors, bigger photos can be viewed. If you are going to print 4x6 or larger photos, you will want to use more megapixels.

Snapshot Tips: Take many shots from different angles, different lighting and different zooms. Learn to "frame" your subject and include or exclude "junk". You can also crop photos later so it is better to include too much than cut off something you want. Digital photos are free! Take lots and after you upload to your computer, delete all the crummy photos and duplicates. Clean your windshield before you take off!

Storing Photos: Every camera comes with some photo album software. We don't use them. See Photo Journal.

Modifying Photos: We use Paint Shop Pro X7. PhotoShop is better in many areas than Paint Shop Pro but cost about four times as much. To read about some basic editing techniques, see Photo Editing for the Travelogue.

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