Tools and Supplies

Tools and Supplies We Have Needed

When your motorhome is new, things that break are repaired under warranty. You won't need all these tools right away. But after your warranty has expired and you put a few miles on your vehicle, things begin to wear out or break. The tools and supplies shown here are the ones that we have used in our first 10 years. Click on any image for larger photo. Some may be specific to our 2006 Monaco Diplomat but most could be needed for any motorhome.

We also carry construction tools that we have used to modify the MotherShip and for our SOWERS ministry. These additional tools are not shown.

Open/Box End Wrenches

Imperial sizes 1/4" to 3/4" for the motorhome. Metric sizes 8mm to 19mm for the scooter.

Use: General maintenance.


Small and medium sized phillips and flat head screwdrivers.

Use: General maintenance.

Hex Wrenches and Pliers

Imperial and metric hex wrenches, small and medium channel locks, adjustable wrench and needle nose pliers.

Use: General maintenance.

Socket Wrenches

1/4 and 3/8 driver imperial sizes up to 3/4" and metric up to 19mm.

Use: General maintenance.

Hammers, Etc.

Sheet metal cutter, rubber and metal hammer, hacksaw and strap wrench.

Use: Replacing sheet metal "L" brackets on side panels. Strap wrench for removing various filters.

Pop Rivets

Pop rivets/gun (variety of sizes), putty knife and box cutter.

Use: Vibration loosens sheet metal screws. We replaced many screws with pop rivets. Our Monaco has some inside cabinets hinges that shear off the rivets. We fix them with stainless steel pop rivets.


Slide clamps and spring clamps.

Use: Used to hold materials that we have re-glued.


Drill motor, variety of bits and drills up to 1".

Use: Monaco uses square head screws in most cases. We have also needed some star head and other bits.


Fuses, DC tester, multimeter.

Use: Testing electrical connections. Especially helpful on the phone with motorhome tech support.

Saw Max

Dremel Saw Max, wood, metal, tile, plastic blades.

Use: Minimal repair usage but fantastic for intalling laminate flooring and other enhancements.

Lube and Tree Saws

Lube gun, cartridges, univeral saw and limb cutters.

Use: Lube for 5,000 mile lube of drive shaft and steering. Saw and cutters used for trimming trees when parking at friends homes and some RV parks!.

Cords and Hoses

25 foot extension cord, air hose and air gauge.

Use: Extension for AC power tools and plugging into home power outlets. Air hose to check and fill tires before driving and heating them up.


Latex gloves, sheet metal screws, plastic restoration kit.

Use: Gloves for dumping and other dirty work. Replacement screws lost to vibration. Restoration kit for motorhome and scooter head lights.

Tape and Glue

Glue gun and sticks, caulking gun and variety of glues and caulking, velcro, pipe tape, double-stick tape, bailing wire, duct tape, pliers, wire cutters and tape measure.

Use: Lots of variety in ways to re-adhere loose components.


Armorall, acetone and CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) cleaner.

Use: Use for exterior cleaning. Acetone to clean surfaces after scraping off silicone caulking. Clear exterior caulking picks up dirt, sometimes cracks and will need periodically replacement.

Stain and Glue

Goof Off cleaner, cabinet stain and wood glue.

Use: Goof Off for spot removal. Stain and glues to fix cabinets.

Lubricants and Glue

Slide out lubricant, dry lube and spray contact cement.

Use: Slide out lubricant for slides, dry lube for steps, contact cement for repairs.

Paint and Lubricants

Black paint, WD-40 and ZEP45 for hydraulic jack lube.

Use: Black paint to re-finish metal door threshold, ZEP45 for cleaning/lubing hydralic jacks.

Roof Sealant and White Grease

ProFlexRV roof sealant and white grease.

Use: ProFlexRV to re-seal roof when sealant cracks.

Sealants and Tape

3M weatherstrip cement, wallpaper glue, plumber putty, painters tape.

Use: Re-glue weathership, wallpaper; putty for sink repairs.

Polish and Buffing

Polish and buffing wheel.

Use: For scratch removal on exterior fiberglass and inside countertops.

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