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Motorhome Computer Tips

Paperless Office: Our business for 43 years (01-2020) has been to write business and inventory control software. We use our own software and modified it to become as paperless as possible. The only paper we keep temporarily are receipts. These receipts are eventually scanned and stored as .PDF files, allowing us to destroy the paper and yet have a computer image for reference.

Browsers: Internet Explorer comes with all Windows computers, but it is not the best browser. We recommend Firefox. We stop using Chrome by Google as we have stopped using Google because of their slanted results. You can download any browser at no charge.

Thunderbird Email: looks almost the same as Outlook Express but has nicer features. Download Thunderbird for free .

AVG Virus Protection: Paying an annual fee to just keep your computer running is robbery! How many products that you buy require you to pay annually just to keep it working daily? You can get the AVG anti virus for free for one non-business use PC.
Download AVG for free.
Be careful as you download and install AVG as it will default to the paid-for version. Do pay for the Pro version for more features or for business use.

File Backups: Trust us when we tell you that eventually you will lose some or all of your data. We backup all our computers onto a USB External Disk Drive. Ours is a the Western Digital 4 TeraByte (4,000 gigabytes) and cost $200 (12-2015). Get it, use it and your life of photos and data will be safe.

Fixes and Recoveries: Windows is a system that crashes and gets screwed up all the time (Apple users applaud here). There are hundreds of "fix" and "recovery" programs for sale. The program Eusing Free Registry Cleaner does a great job of fixing PC registry errors. The PC registry is a good idea gone bad and programmers pervert its purpose all the time. This can cause programs to fail to launch, run incorrectly or even crash. Download this free program at Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

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