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Motorhome Communication Tips

Eliminate all Postal Mail: We signed up for online notification and bill paying for everything possible. Then we made a list of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual due dates. Between the two, we don't miss any payments. We still need a few items sent to us, such as, DMV tags, annual membership cards, credit cards, any card that must be presented in person. These steps will minimize how often you need your mail sent to you. We also canceled all magazines or any other periodic mailings!

Post Office Mail: You will need to have a "mail forwarding service", someone to receive your mail and send it on to you. We are fortunate to have family for ours. They pick up the mail; read Ellen certain items; and holds on to the rest. We have only had mail sent to us a couple of times since 2006. When we need something, we have it sent to General Delivery at a city in our path. Note that each city has a single post office for general delivery; you must find that office on line. Lacking an angelic relative, you can sign up for a number of mailing services. (more info)

Cell Phone Tips: You may have your favorite companies, but we have been using Verizon for 18 years and the coverage has been amazing. We have been at only one RV Park, Outdoor Resorts in Aguanga, California, where Verizon did not work and another carrier did. They now have a Verizon tower! (11-2008). We have been in many places where we had good reception and others could not make calls or the calls were dropped.

Internet Tips: Again the Verizon Hot Spot has been great. We can't tell you how many times we have been on roads with no buildings in sight and had good coverage. We need the Internet Monday to Friday, as we run our software business. We check our coverage at an RV park check in. If coverage is not adequate, we leave. Another reason not to get reservations. We can also call Verizon and they will "predict" how good the coverage will be.

Email Tips: We send a lot of email. Our email accounts are not web based, like Yahoo and Gmail. You can't compose your email off line with these accounts. Many times we compose our weekly emails off line and send them when we have a fast connection.

Faxing Tips: Our phone service is www.OneBox.com. They provide an 800 number, an 800 fax line, voice mail and many more features.

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