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Non-Motorhome Web Sites

We use these sites and they are "trusted sites". They won't infect your system with viruses, but you should still block pop ups.

Zip Codes: Many sites ask for city and state or zip codes. Some ask only for zip code. Use this site to find a city from the zip code.

Weather: AccuWeather Enter the city and state.

TV Schedule: Titan TV is best, but also TV Guide Enter your zip code and connection type, such as Analog Broadcast for antenna. You can access IMDB.com to review TV shows, movies and cast.

Learning Facts: Wikipedia Enter your search criteria. You should read About Wikipedia to build your trust in this site's facts.

FoxNews and NewsMax are Pete's favorite sites for up to the minute news.

Free and Trusted Computer Software: These will require software downloads. Click to access our Computer Tips

Web Search Engines: Most use Google and we used to. But, we are tried of their slanted results that learn left. And they accumlate all data that your enter. We use Start Page and Duck Duck Go. They provide greater privacy and

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