Week 816 - Well Known Art - 04-04-2021

Well Known Art

This is the Girl with a Pearl Earring by artist Johannes Vermeer. It is well known art.

However, the painting above is not Vermeer's but a copy created by our son Andrew.

Andrew started painting about two years ago. Since he has created hundreds of drawings and paintings. Some are copies like this one, used for learning and practice. Others are originals from photographs we sent Andrew. Others are his own creation. Our hope is that someday Andrew's work becomes Well Known Art They include pencil drawings, charcoal, water colors, oils and acrylics. Media varies from linen cloth to paper to canvas.

Here is a sampling of his work.

Atascadero Rotunda, Horses on River

Western Town, Mermaid, Snowy Cabin

Sister Melissa/Mario, Moonlit Ranch House, Scarecrows

Scott Budick, producer, Brother Travis, Uncle Larry

Uncle Mike, Cousins Kevin and Tyler

Uncle Larry's Ranch, Artist on River

River Hotel, Aztec Pyramid

Woman at Night, Travelers, Piano Man

Rainy Day Walk, Indigenous Woman, East Indian Wedding

Silky Horse, Eagle at Night, Peaceful Swing

I'm Watching You, Napping Girl, Anson Mount, actor

Asian Girl, Bear, Lovely Waterfall

Woman in Marketplace, Cody Johnson in Concert

As you can see, Andrew creates a great variety of artwork. And this without a single personal lesson. We are very proud of him and hope to help sell some of his creations.

We are not at all versed in how to do this. Perhaps one of you, who knows, can write back. Andrew and we would appreciate anything you can do. To see all of Andrews work, launch Well Known Art

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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