Week 813-815 - Top 7 RV Resorts - 03-27-2022

Top 7 RV Resorts

In the last 16 years we have stayed at 84 RV resorts. Well, they are named resort vs park.

Our definition of resort is more restrictive than just the name. We expect a resort to be a place you would want to live full time. At least during all the months where weather permits.

This review is of the top resort in each category.

Least Expensive Resort

Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort

This resort is owned by the Escapees RV Club. It is one of their 11 Co-Op parks. We have stayed at 7 of the parks and to us this is their Crown Jewel. The setting in Aguanga, California is natural desert. The lots are large and situated to give maximum privacy from the lot next door. The views from the main facility are beautiful. It is the resort where we learned to play pickleball.

"Ownership" at the resort is unique. It is always sold out. To stay there you make a deposit and get on a list waiting for someone to "sell". When a site becomes available, you are notified. You can "buy in", move in and pay a low monthly HOA fee. You can stay for as many years as you like. If you decide to "sell", your lot is put on the list. When a new owner buys in, you receive back your original buy-in amount. Total cost over the years is the lowest of any resort we have visited.

The resort lots will accommodate your RV or a park model

See this great resort at Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort.

Ocean View Resort

Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort

We began our travels in 2006 and discovered Outdoor Resorts, a company building high-end RV Resorts. At the time there were 12 Outdoor Resorts (OR) and we have visited 6 of them. Pacific Shores is in Newport, Oregon on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. All of the OR resorts have deeded lots for sale.

The lots start with a large concrete pad for your motorhome and patio. The remainder of the lot is beautiful grass. After purchase you may add outdoor features. Such as, an outdoor kitchen, BBQs and other enhancements that are approved by the resort. Monthly HOA fees are not small and must be paid all through the year. As an owner your lot is a secured asset and should appreciate.

The weather on the Oregon coast can be erratic and may limit the season of your stay. We have visited twice, once with beautiful sunshine and once with a wild rain storm which we enjoyed. But, we were only there are few days. Pacific Shores is restricted to Class A and Class C Motor Coaches, 29 feet or greater in length and in “Like New” condition.

Take a look, at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort

Resort with the Largest Lots

StoneRidge Golf and Recreation Community

Stoneridge is in Northern Idaho near Blanchard. The resort's focus is the 18 hole par 72 golf course. Living options include your Class A motorhome, houses and townhouses. You own your lot and pay an HOA fee. The entire property is beautifully green due to the northern location, just 62 miles from the Canadian border. Like Pacific Shores, weather can severely limit your time to stay. The lots are huge as you can see.

Enjoy the beauty at StoneRidge Golf and Recreation

The Most Expensive Resort

Motorcoach Country Club

Have you been to a 5-Star Hotel? Meet the 5-Star RV Resort in Indio, California. This resort is way over our pay grade, but we have stayed 3 times for 3 days each. Using introductory coupons we spent only $172 for nine days. As of today, there are no lots available to rent. But the last time we checked it was $85 per day or $765 for nine days.

This may seem high but the maintenance of this resort is enormous. For example, in 2013 they spent $830,000 dollars on the landscaping alone.

At this resort you buy your lot, pay monthly HOA fees and a yearly restaurant fee. Maybe you won't stay here, but you can view it at Motorcoach Country Club and Our Review

Other OR Resorts that we need to mention are: Outdoor Resorts Indio (across the street), Las Vegas MotorCoach Country Club and Rancho California in Aguanga, California (across the road from Jojoba Hills RV Resort).

The Most Natural Setting Resort

Ozarks Luxury RV Resort

We visited this Arkansas resort in our 5th week of travel in 2006. It was one of the original Outdoor Resorts, now under its current name. The lots in 2006 were reasonably priced and HOA fees low. We love the fact that every lot has a view of Table Rock Lake.

The residents were so welcoming it was hard to leave. During our second stay in 2008 the remains of Hurricane Ike passed over us. We were low on fuel and if power went out, our generator would not start. We told the folks there we must leave. They said no, if we needed diesel fuel not only would they get it for us, they would pay for it!

You buy a lot here and pay monthly HOA fees. RVs must be 24+ feet and can be Class A or Class C motorhomes and 5th wheels.

Check out this beauty at Ozarks Luxury RV Resort

The Most Flexible Resort

The Palms RV Resort

Some resorts are only for Class A Motorhome like ours. Some like Ozarks Luxury RV Resort allow 5th wheels as well. Some sell the lots, others only rent the lot. Some can have casitas (fancy out buildings), some can have Park Models (small trailers). Some sell houses or have RV sites or park models. The Palms in Yuma, Arizona has it all!

You can rent or purchase your lot for year round use. Purchased, you can start with just an empty lot with utilities. As you come more often, you can add a casita. Maybe its just a shed to hold your outdoor furniture. Or it can be as big as as an "almost livable" house. However it cannot have full kitchen or sleeping quarters. But it can have a nice living area to enjoy with your friends. As you live at the site over the years, maybe your age limits your travel. And you can no longer safely drive your 40+ foot motorhome. Then, at The Palms, you can sell your RV and build a house on the property! Completely flexible!

We have stayed at The Palms for a month. We enjoyed the stay with lots of fellowship and events. Pickleball was available most days, but not enough for Pete. The pools were a little too cool for Ellen to swim in the morning. Fix these things and this would be an ideal resort for us to own a lot.

Worth looking at The Palms RV Resort

We also need to acknowledge that Happy Trails in Surprise, Arizona has the same flexible living arraignments. And they have many permanent pickleball courts!

Our Favorite Resort

Palm Creek Resort & Residences

Okay, we're hooked on pickleball. And Palm Creek is the RV pickleball capital of the world. There are 32 PB courts and 1200+ PB club members. You can play several hours everyday: great exercise, great fellowship and your skills increase.

Beyond that, this Casa Grande, Arizona resort is fabulous. We stayed one day in 2007 on the way to Florida. At the time it was named Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort. We came back for a visit in 2009 and took dozens of PB classes. We began to call the property Palm Creek Pickleball and RV. After 18 visits we stayed our first stay ever of over three months.

All previous visits were focused on pickleball. Now being here for an extended stay, we find the resort has multiple dozens of clubs. Cards, exercise, mahjong, lawn bowling, hiking, billiards, 18-hole par-3 golf, etc. We love the beauty of this resort. Like all RV resorts and parks, the people are always hospitable and helpful. Even if you don't play pickleball you will love this resort.

Accommodations include living in your motorhome, 5th wheel, park model and now buying a house. Thus the current name is Palm Creek Resort & Residences. You may rent year round but you do not own your site. If you enhance your site, you can sell the enhancements to the next owner. Likewise for park models and houses.

Get an eyeful at Palm Creek Resort & Residences

[Notes: Most the resorts listed are on the West Coast. There are some very nice resorts in other states such as Florida. If we had visited them, they might have been listed here.]

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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