Week 755-756 - The Palms RV Resort, Yuma, Arizona - 02-07-2021

The Palms RV Resort, Yuma, Arizona

The Palms RV Resort is an ownership park where you can purchase your own lot. We have visited over a dozen Ownership Parks in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, Michigan, Arkansas, Virginia, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming. Each has a little different take on how they are run.

The Palms is a smaller resort with 453 lots. Many of the ownership resorts we have visited only allow larger Class A motorhomes. Here you can bring your motorhome, fifth wheel or towable trailer.

Our site 234 is a standard sized lot, measuring 40 x 70 feet, very large for just an RV.

In the center of the common area are the pools: lap pool, half-moon spa, splash pool and full moon spa.

The splash pool sits next to the outdoor bar for your liquid refreshments.

The "lap" completes the pool array. On the right is Cafe 55 and the Activities Center for bingo, concerts and other events.

Mandy is happy about the 5 grassy dog parks around the perimeter of the resort. She is not quite so thrilled with the one mile long trail that connects all the dog areas.

Shared by all visitors and all parks are the beautiful Arizona sunsets.

Our visit of 30 days is the first time we spent any extended time at an ownership resort. Our long stay was prompted by meeting up with our close friends Steve and Susan. Oh look, there they are now, walking the family pooch, Harry.

This resort has a full complement of things to do; pickleball and shuffleboard. . . and

The covered table area is by the pool. Happy Hour is daily from 3pm to 5pm. Cafe 55 offers daily meals. On weekends special meals are available; burger bash, cabana dinners and more. Tables and chairs in full sun are by the pool.

Bocce ball, horseshoes and putting green right by the pool. Everything is right by the pool; all activity rooms surround the pools in the common area.

Large library with books and videos along with computers and a printer. The mailboxes and mail room for receiving/sending letters and packages.

The fitness room and laundry. An outside area is provided to air dry your clothes.

10 billiard tables and even a 32 seat Chapel.

To rent a lot, just call the office. You can visit The Palms RV Resort to check rates. If you like the resort, meet owners on your visit. Some will rent their lots and save you money. Or if you really like the resort, buy a lot. This unimproved standard lot is $39,995.00. After purchase your annual property tax will be about $600.00 The monthly LOA (Lot Owners Association) fee is $253.00 per month (01-2021). The fee includes use of all the facilities, trash, sewer, water and basic cable TV. When using your lot, you do have to pay for the electric power you use.

$39,995.00 may sound like a lot. But, most parks we have visited have lot prices in the $100,000's. And you own the deed to this lot.

The lot below was improved with pavers under the RV. This is required when you buy a lot. You could put any type of solid surface below the RV including just two concete strips under the tires.

Here is a lot with a "casita". The casita can be any size and can contain whatever you like. That might be a washer/dryer, shower/bath, closet or living space.

This casita is very large The only thing you cannot add is a bedroom. Once you add the bed, it is considered a "villa". If it was a villa, you cannot live in the RV. But without the bed, you can live in the RV and enjoy the villa space as well.

These owners have given up the RV and now just have a house. Houses can be built up to a 3 foot setback from the property line. A standard lot is 2,800 square feet. You can have a garage for one or two cars, one/two bedrooms or whatever you like. You must get the plans approved by the LOA and the city of Yuma.

Corner lots are larger and some owners bought two lots and combined them into one This one is obviously one of them. Some lots, as this one, allow for two story houses. We like this one with a private second story deck.

This ownership resort is rather unique in that you can start with any RV. Buy your lot, build small, enlarge and even ditch the RV when you are totally done traveling. The only other resort like this that we have been to is Happy Trails in Surprise, Arizona. Our "home" neighbors Ben and Sid have an RV lot there. They also could upgrade to a house if they liked.

So are we going to buy a lot? It would be a good investment if we wanted to spend 4 or more months in Yuma each year. Today, you would pay $3,800 for four months renting. If you bought a lot, you pay $253/month LOA fee and $600/year for taxes. Thats $3,636. And you own an investment. However, if you don't want to stay 4 months, you are spending more than renting. You could rent the lot, so even if not staying 4 months, you might be okay. So for now, no, not buying. But, we feel this resort is the best value, for the money spent, of all the resorts we have visited.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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