Week 750 - Happy New Year, 15 Year Review - 12-31-2020

Happy New Year, 15 Year Review

Our travels for 2020 were only for the 5 months after we sold our house. They were driven by several goals. Stay out the heat and away from forest fire smoke. Get RV repairs in Oregon and get to Arizona for the winter. Check, check and check!

The China virus put a damper on our favorite "place", meeting people. We did manage to connect with some family and friends.

Recap of our first 15 years of travels.

Set of Tires
Churches Stays 3 Days
Pickleball Court Stays 35 Days
Crackerbarrel Restaurant Stays 15 Days
Canadian Provinces 44 Days
Fuel Station Stays 14 Days
FMCA Motorhome Rallies 35 Days
Sower Projects 133 Days
Casino Stays 26 Days
Oil Changes
Business Stays 41 Days
Service Centers 109 Days
Boondocking Locations 30 Days
Pickleball Tournaments
Walmart Stays 61 Days
Government Campgrounds 87 Days
Home Stays 1902 Days
U.S. States 5,218 Days
State Alaska 58 Days
Elks Lodge Stays 1,062 Days
RV Parks & Camps 1,709 Days


As you can see we want to "see it all". You can't, but we are trying. Most full time RV owners settle in on a couple of favorite locations. Usually a Southern wintertime spot and travel during the summer or they pick a Northern summer site. We will someday, but we are still looking. We have made hundreds of good friends at dozens of locations. And we enjoy seeing them each year, as we did in a limited fashion this year.

So what does it cost to travel so much? Your three main expenses are food, fuel and RV parks. Food is the same as staying home, unless you eat out a lot.

Our 15 year monthly average for diesel fuel is $488.00. We average about 7 mpg as we mostly avoid freeways. We do get 8-9 mpg on freeways.

Our daily overnight stays have averaged $14 / day. You probably can't match this unless you stay as we do. We have stayed free at churches, Elks, homes, fuel stops, pickleball courts and boondocking. We have stayed for very little at Elks lodges and Passport-America RV parks. And we have stayed at some the most luxurious RV Resorts in the U.S.A.

Well, that's it for 2020. There has been a lot of disagreement among people this year. Lock-downs or not. Travel or not. Riots or not. Trump vs Biden. But, we think we can all agree on this.

Happy New Year!

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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