Week 747-749 - Christmas Blessings 2020 - 12-20-2020

Christmas Blessings 2020

How has the year 2020 affected you?

For us, like most of you, it has isolated us from others. Still there have been many blessings. We sold our house to a very nice family and eliminated all debt. We are made aware each day that not getting the virus is a blessing.

With only one air conditioner you can't keep a motorhome cool in 100 degree weather. We sold our house with the temps at over 100. But thanks to the Elks and the Pacific Coast we traveled up to Washington and never needed the air.

The incredible smoke of California, Oregon and Washington fires created extremely unhealthy air. Eugene, Oregon had some of the worst air. We were able to avoid all the smoke on the coast and arriving in Eugene for our RV appointment, the air had cleared!

We had a nice long visit with Emily, Chad and the grandkids. Traveling south on Hwy 395 we managed to sneak in a one day visit with Melissa in Riverside, California. Our sons John and Andrew call every week, a real blessing.

This month we are at Rancho Rialto Resort in Yuma with the warmest weather in Arizona; no A/C needed.

We have been blessed and no doubt you can remember good things that happened to you this year. But the focus during Christmas is not on us or you. It is on the cross and we pray that regardless of your circumstances, you will celebrate the birth of our Savior.
Cross from Groom, Texas; hills from Western Washington; homeless couple from Everywhere.

Merry Christmas, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from December 2020

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