Week 722-723 - The Last Birthday Party - 06-21-2020

The Last Birthday Party

Our house is still in escrow. The potential buyers currently live in Oregon. They will come to see it this week and make a final decision to buy. Meanwhile, we are enjoying visits from our children to say their Final Goodbyes to the Mattson Mansion.

First, daughter Emily, son-in-law Chad and their five kids came from Northern California. While here, two of our local grandkids came too. Ellen and her grand-babies are mesmerized by a family video.

"Ugh, I can't wait until I get my momma back."

Hmmm! This looks like fun for a lady who can't walk!

Click on the Play arrow below the photo.

Whee! Now don't tell Dr. Chatigny.

Okay, the water slide was not just for Ellen. There are some kids here for Avery's 11th birthday.

Birthday boy Avery (grandson), grandkids Emma, Kalonie and little friend Aiden.

Emma enjoys the splash landing.

Normally a bounce house is the big attraction, but not when you have a 20 foot water slide.

Ricky relaxes in the house as son Gavin says "now where's that door?"

Granddaughter Kalonie (Gavin's mom): "I hope Gavin doesn't try to go down the water slide."

Ricky ponders: "Gavin, I think we can do this!"

"Oh my!"

Daughter Melissa chats with granddaughter Kalonie. Our son John, who planned and set up his son's party, figures out the final cost. Doesn't matter. What says Happy Birthday better than hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, a bounce house and a 20 foot water slide. Happy Birthday Avery!

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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