Week 701 - We are Blessed! - 01-19-2020

We are Blessed!

For those who read weekly, you know our house is for sale. We are blessed. No, we have not sold the house yet, but that will come soon.

When we first bought the MotherShip we thought it would be fun to see some of the USA. We had no idea that we were full time travelers and would never stay in our house again. But that is what happened.

We traveled 14 years and 127,765 miles visiting all the states and 5 Canadian provinces . . . 2006, 2009, Fairbanks, 2020

. . . stayed at 329 RV parks and campgrounds and 114 Elks lodges. Hemet CA, Indio CA, Redding CA, Palmer AK

. . . met thousands of people, made hundreds of friends and dozens of close friends. USA Friends & relatives, family, close friends

. . . played three years of sand volleyball, hiked dozens of trails. Golden Village Palms, Bryce Canyon, Eklutna Lakeside Trail Alaska

. . . kayaked 51 miles on eight rivers. Sacramento River, Methow WA, Grand Rogue MI, Jefferson River MT

. . . rode 1,600 miles on bikes and 40,000 miles on the ScooterShip. Breckenridge CO, San Diego, Green Valley UT, Chula Vista CA

We learned pickleball in Arkansas, played 33 tournaments in 3 years and won 40 bronze, silver and gold medals. Ellen & Liz, Palm Creek finals courts, Pete & Clint, a few medals

. . . heard hundreds of beautiful stories from people all over North America. Georgia, Illinois, Chelan, Port San Luis

. . . helped at seven SOWERs Christian ministries meeting friends for life. San Diego, Fairbanks AK, Phoenix Christian, Chico CA YWAM

But, this week we checked off another bucket list item. We joined the Mileage High Club!

Now, we know what you're thinking. We really shouldn't be sharing this. But, we can't help to think this is great: Being rewarded for just doing something we enjoy.

We were so good, we actually got a medal for doing it. It is not something that many people in a motorhome do, so we are blessed.

Cummins issues medallions for each 100,000 miles you complete. We're at 127,765 miles and while we doubt we'll make 200,000 it will be fun trying.

Okay, gotta go and show the house to another potential buyer.

We are blessed, love Pete, Ellen and Mandy
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