Week 700 - Favorite Photos #34, Grand Coulee Dam - 01-12-2020

Favorite Photos #34, Grand Coulee Dam

We are showing some 2009 photos. So, we only have 10 more years of photos to pull from.

The Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River in Washington. When completed in 1942 it was the largest concrete structure in the world. 550 feet high and just 57 feet short of one mile in length.

Plenty of motorhome parking.

Spring Canyon Federal Campground just a few miles from the dam.

Incline train takes tourists into the dam.

Coulee Dam generators.

View leaving the tour back to parking.

Lower view of a generator.

The Coulee Dam project includes piping water uphill to Banks Lake. Highway 155 leads south toward the lake.

First view of the 27 mile long Banks Lake created for farming irrigation.

The rest of this week's photos were taken in Moses Lake, Washington.

All photos were taken within walking distance of Sunrise RV Resort.

Moses Lake.

Housing area next to Sunrise Resort.

All houses have docks and access to Moses Lake.

We so enjoy reliving these moments as we sit at home dealing with threats.

No one likes to be threatened. But, two possible home buyers are threatening to make offers on our house. So, we say "Bring it on!", as we continue to rake in the AirBnB money. God is good.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from August 2009

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