Week 479 - Vancouver Island Photo Collection - 10-18-2015

Vancouver Island Photo Collection

"15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more on car insurance."
"Yeah, everybody knows that."
"Well did you know that we spent about one hour per year for 13 years chatting with our Atascadero neighbors Ben and Sid?"
"And since we both purchased our motorhomes we have spent 50 days in seven states and two countries?"

Ben and Pete wait to load Ralphie and the MotherShip onto the ferry heading to Vancouver Island.

Victoria British Columbia Parliament Building

Several of the hundreds of horse-drawn carriages that will tour Victoria.

On a warm day kids love to get drenched by this over-sized watering can.

It wouldn't be Canada without the bagpipers.

The Fairmont Empress Hotel overlooking the Inner Harbor. Rooms sold direct from Fairmont for $349/night (as of 10-2015, check other sites for best rates).

Book a room at the Grand Pacific Hotel for just $108/night (10-2015).

Escents Aromatherapy in Market Square.

Inner dome of the Parliament Building.

Parliament chambers where all the shouting takes place.

St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Victoria, BC

Sid and Ben on a lovely day at Victoria's Inner Harbor.

Boats, big and small, share the harbor.

The Undersea Gardens tours began in 1964. Perhaps we should have taken the tour as it closed in 2013 after 49 years of operation.

Hotel or apartments in Victoria.

Our week long stay was at Weir Beach RV Resort.

Our ocean front RV site made for dozens of great photos.

This pirate ship's home was just a few miles north of Weir Beach.

Buchart Gardens is a better backdrop than you get at a Sears photo booth.

For complete coverage of the gardens, see Buchart Gardens Photo Collection.

We leave you with this fabulous sunset photo that Ellen took from Weir Beach RV Resort. Big Rig Bible's home page photo is of Avila Beach, California. This photo was our second choice!

Remembering these good times was exhausting; time for a nap.

Until next week, be blessed,

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy who loves her new home.

Photos from Jul 2008

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