Week 211-213 - Ready for Tour 2010 - 09-12-2010

Tour 2010 is about to begin!

Okay, so it took a while.  Tour 2009 ended in October.  Typically, we spend November and/or December in our home area and set off on next year's tour.  But for some reason we lolly-gagged and piddled around and finally got started in February 2010.  We headed to the Southwest to play volleyball and pickleball and wait for the rest of the country to warm up.

Okay, so far, so good.  Then, after three weeks on the tour we needed to come home and kick out our renters.  We've been home for six months and we finally rented our house. However, the Mothership got a bit neglected.  But with the house ready to go, Ellen turned her attention to the motorhome.

We'll get 'er cleaned soon and be on the road next week.


In two weeks we'll start publishing our regular travelogues.

See you then, love, Pete and Ellen

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