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Since we are home, in Atascadero, until July, we thought it would fun to hear from you.  This is our first in a series of "guess what this photo is".  This is a closed book quiz, no peeking at previous travelogues, no Googling and keep your eyes on your own paper (i.e. If more than one persons reads your travelogue, each should respond with their own answers.  Please reply with your name and answers and delete all photos before sending.  We'll start with an easy set this week, but they will get tougher.

Exact answers are worth two points. If not exact, but we realize you know the answer, we'll give you one.  For example, if Texas is the answer, you'll get one point for "that really big southern state where they say 'remember the Almanor'".  Here we go:

1. What is this building?

2. This was our best photo from this state. What state is it?

3. What city is this church in?

4. What park is this arch in?
5. What is the name of this arch?

6. Is this animal nocturnal?

7. What river are we on?

8. What ocean is this ship on?

9. Why isn't Mark looking at the airplane?

10. Where is this restaurant?

Good luck, we look forward to your replies.

Love, Pete and Ellen

Photos from Sep-Nov 2006

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