Week 23-24 - Indio, Quartzsite, Yuma AZ - 01-28-2007

A Warm Hello from the South

For the last two weeks we have been in Southern California and Arizona.  We have been accessing Weather.com each day to determine where to spend our next nights.  After we left the FMCA rally in Indio, we spent a couple of free nights at the Two Springs RV Park in North Palm Springs.  From there we went to Quartzsite Arizona and then on to Yuma.  At each location we met up with friends from previous travels.

We spent a few days with our friend Sheryl at Outdoor Resorts Motorcoach Country Club in Indio.  We first met her there in November.

We returned to Motorcoach Country Club as we were given a half price coupon at the FMCA rally.  It is so beautiful, too bad it costs $300,000 to buy a lot and $4,200 (01-2007) a year for home owner association fees!

Ellen and Sheryl got their exercise out in the sun.

Each winter Quartzsite AZ has an enormous flea market with hundreds, perhaps thousands of booths.  Up to 250,000 RVers visits Quartzsite during the 9-day RV show.

At Quartzsite we reconnected with our friends from Zion Utah, Jerry and Judi.  We met them in Zion, saw them in Atascadero and then again in Quartzsite.  We stayed in Quartzsite two extra days to be with them.

Our next door neighbors have been traveling for a couple of months in their 5th wheel.  Ben and Sid stopped at the Westwind RV Park in Yuma, AZ for a few days.  We met them on Tuesday and ending up staying for eight nights.  We enjoyed the sun, the food, shuffleboard and the spa.  And we spent a few days with them shopping.  On Wednesday, we drove to El Centro, California and back.  In El Centro Pete took the 45 foot motorhome driving test and received his Class B Non-Commercial endorsement.

The nine hole golf course at Westwind RV Park.

Ben, Sid and Ellen

Next week we will stay a few more days as the weather is a little colder in Green Valley AZ, where Pete's sister Donnalee lives.  We will head off to her house soon.

Love, Pete and Ellen

Photos from Jan 2007

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