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Accessing RV Forums

iRV2.com is a great resource for learning about Class A motorhomes, 5th wheels, camping sites and much more. You can learn a great deal by just searching the forums. If you would like to post a comment, you will need to register for a free membership. By certain to read the posting rules before joining.

In 2005 RV.NET was the best forum for all RV's. We spent hundreds of hours researching RV.NET. There are so many helpful members at this site that it is worth the stuff you have to put up with. What stuff? Here are some tips:

1. Sign up for your free membership and password.

2. Don't start a new thread (topic), just search for the answers you want. Probably everything you want to know has been asked.

3. On this web site there are "flamers" and "trollers". Flamers are those who love to be jerks. They write responses to a topic just to irritate others. Trollers are those who write responses trying to incite others to become flamers. Both just clog up the topic with worthless jabber. For example, suppose you ask "what is the best diesel motorhome?". First of all, it is a terrible question. There is no best. Even if you narrow the search to "what is the best 40 foot 4 slide motorhome?", it is still an unanswerable question.

Second, the flamers will respond with something like, "That's a stupid question." or "Oh no, another uneducated neophyte has joined our ranks." The trollers then respond with "Maybe Smartie2 (another member) will answer this one, he seems to know everything." Then Smartie2 might respond with some flaming content (exactly what the troller wanted) and you are off to the races with tit for tat responses that helps no one. Learn to block the flamers and trollers. When you block these, then their responses do not show and you can have a peaceful experience.

4. Ask a question any time of the day. We were in California and would ask questions at 11:00 pm our time. By morning, we could have a dozen responses And overall, they were amazingly helpful.

5. Have fun, you can learn an incredible amount here.

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