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Motorhome Driving Tips

We found it amazing that one of the first things many salespersons asked was "do you want to take it for a drive?". Driving a large Class A motorhome can be frightening and it takes a while to get comfortable. Here are a few things that helped us.

1. The MH is wide. You must drive close to the road center line, about one foot closer than a car. Move to the left and find a spot on your dash that lines up with the center line. If you can't find one, put a piece of tape on the windshield. Soon, you will get used to being "left" and no longer need to focus on it.

2. When turning left, you need to drive straight until your head is lined up with the center line of the road you are entering. It feels weird, but it works. Once out that far, turn hard left and you will find that your back wheels will not clip the center line, divider or a vehicle in your path.

3. When turning right, you must drive straight until your head is lined up with the curb of the road your are entering. "Cheat" over one half lane to your left, basically taking two lanes. Watch for bikes or small cars trying to pass on the right and wait for these people to get out of your way. Once past the curb, turn hard right, but watch the curb. It is closer than when you are turning left. If the road you are turning onto is narrow, wait for all cars on that road to clear out.

Don't be intimidated by anyone wanting you to "get out of the way". You are bigger than them; take your time. Move slowly. If you do run over the curb, just do it slow and you will be fine. Hit it fast and all your dishes will crash to the floor!

4. When turning left you must be in the rightmost left turn lane. When you come to a turn and you are not sure how many left turn lanes there are, take both lanes! Once you determine your lane, move into it. Again, you are big, don't let anyone intimidate you.

5. Don't turn into a driveway for fuel or shopping unless you physically see your exit. You may get trapped and have to back up. With a tow car it means unhitching first.

6. Brakes: Two panic stops in a row and your brakes might be toast! Allow plenty of room to stop. On downhills, use your exhaust brake; use your service brake to get well below the speed you want; then release the brake. When the MH speeds up above your desired speed, repeat the process. On extreme downhills, slow to a crawl and use first or second gear. You'll be fine.

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