TellMeDaily Lists: is Your Life Scheduler.

People love lists. You can think of TellMeDaily as the ultimate list maker. It can have lists of Tasks, Events and vehicle Services. And it can even have lists of Lists! In this document we will create a shopping list and a list of phone calls.

We will add three tasks. 1) A list of phone calls to make. 2) A shopping task with all items on one line. 3) A shopping list with each item on its own line. The starting point is last weeks finished tasks.

Here are the entry forms for our three sample tasks (shown on a single screen, but entered separately). The first and third are lists, the second is a simple task. A list is creating by pressing the ENTER key (line feed) after each item.

Your calendar now shows the three new tasks.

This is view on your phone.

Now we click on Tuesday's shopping task and show it in the phone format. It is just a Task not a List and you can use all the usual actions to modify it.

Clicking on Wednesday's shopping list, we see a BIG difference. A large font is shown which is easily viewable in the grocery store. And each item has a check box.

Now the fun begins. As you pick out your item in the store, you press the button to check it off. You get your Milk and Bread but decide to go the farmer's market for the Eggs.

Okay, we're in line to check out at the store. Click on Finish and your shopping list is modified.

Like all tasks it will remain until you Finish or Delete it. Even if you check off all items, it stays. This allows you to Finish it and add notes if you want to keep its history. As the Tuesday shopping task was a duplicate, we delete it and here is your current calendar.

That's all there is to Lists. They are just as easy to enter as are tasks. Put your notes on separate lines and you just created a list. But what if you entered a one line note and want it to be a list? Just use the Edit action and insert the ENTERs (line breaks) into the Notes and you changed it to a List!

Next week we will introduce Events, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other events that occur routinely. These can be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually or Weekday (Monday to Friday).

To see more now you can access the full site at TellMeDaily

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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