TellMeDaily Task Entry: is Your Life Scheduler.

We created TellMeDaily to remind travelers to perform all the routine services on their RVs. A motorhome is a very complex vehicle and house combined. Neglecting services can result in very expensive breakdowns and repairs. TellMeDaily has dozens of pre-defined services for motorhomes, RVs, cars, trucks, motorcycles and generators. To be Your complete Life Scheduler, we also added one-time tasks, shopping lists and recurring events.

For most people there are far more one-time tasks than other events. TellMeDaily's Task entry is very quick. We will start with an empty April month and demostrate.

Let's add a task to "Fix the bicycle flat tire". Click on Add➤ Task, enter "Fix bike tire" and click on Add.

The task is complete! Most tasks do NOT have an exact date or time, you just want to get them done. TellMeDaily defaults the task to Today at Midday. You don't have to enter the Notes, Date, Time and Alert

Now we add a doctor's appointment. We know the date and time. Click on Add➤ Task, enter "Dr. Smith", enter the date and Exact Time, then click Add.

Each pending task appears with a green asterisk. When they are finished, they will have red check mark.

Tasks without a specified date and time will stay on the current day. So if you don't fix the bike tire on Saturday, it will appear on Sunday, then Monday and stay on the current day until you finish it. If you don't fix the tire by Tuesday your calendar will be shown as below.

On Tuesday you fix the tire and the doctor's appointment is moved to Thursday at 11:00am. Click on "Fix the Tire". You will have several options. You can Finish the task, Postpone to another day, Skip it (never to be done), enter Waiting, e.g. waiting on shipment of a new tube or Delete it. A skipped task will still show on the calendar. A deleted task will disappear.

We click on Finish and enter the note, "Needed new tube". Now to re-schedule the doctor. Click on "Dr. Smith", click on Postpone, enter the new date and time and click on Update.

Your new calendar shows the finished "Fix bike tire" and the new date/time for the doctor.

To modify any task just click on it. Use any of the following actions:

Edit: Change anything about the task.

Finish: Enter the completion date. Completion time will be the current time. If you enter Notes, the task will remain on the calendar. Without Notes, the task will disappear tomorrow. This is by design. Most tasks are "throw-a-ways" and you don't need a history. If you wish to keep the history, just enter any note, even as little as a period (.).

Postpone: The date will automatically advance one day. You can modify the date, time or notes.

Skip: Enter notes as to why you skipped the task. Without notes, the task will disappear tomorrow.

Waiting: Enter why you are waiting. You can change to a new date if you know it.

Delete: If you delete the task, it will disappear now, never to be seen again.

Next week we will introduce Lists, a special form of a task.

To see more now you can access the full site at TellMeDaily

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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