Week 837-839 - We're just trying to fool you! - 09-11-2022

We're just trying to fool you!

Oops, we meant, "we're just trying to fuel you."

Inflation is high and no one knows if it might keep going up. That is why we want to share how to get big discounts on diesel fuel. One year ago, we heard about the TSD Fuel Program from another motorhome owner. The company TSD Logistics offers the Open Roads discount fuel program.

How big of discounts?

The Open Roads website claims about 30 to 40 cents per gallon.

How can TSD do this?

First, no credit cards, the fuel payments come straight from your bank account.
Second, TSD has contracts with a number of companies to offer the discounts.
These companies get increased traffic due to TSD membership. TSD gets a few cents per each gallon you buy and you get a great price. Win, Win, Win!

What fuel stations can you use?

When you sign up you will download a phone app to show locations. As you drive along, the TSD app will show a map along your route. Each participating fuel station will show its name and your per gallon price.

What is the payment process?

1. Find the location on your fuel app.
2. Pull up to the pump, insert your Open Roads card.
3. Follow the prompts (detailed instructions will be in emails sent to you).
4. Pump your diesel, take your receipt.
5. Your payment will come from your bank in a day or two.


First, make sure your are at the correct TSD location or you will get no discount.
Next, the pump will show the price on the marquee, not your price.
Make sure to get a receipt to compare to the future bank draft.
Check your email receipt to see what you were actually charged.
As you can see on the above map, these fuel stations are along the truck routes, such as Hwy 5 and 99, not on the coastal Hwy 101.
TSD tries to keep the shown prices accurate, but it may vary slightly because of our hyper inflation,

How to apply for a TSD membership.

Open your Internet browser to Open Roads
Click on RV/Personal Application and follow the instructions.
The card is free unless you want to expedite it (as of 09-2022).
Normally it will take a couple weeks to arrive.

Is the card worth it?

Here is our latest example. In August we came into California from the North on Hwy 101. The first "mountain price" fuel station we approached was selling diesel for $7.15/gallon.
We traveled to a TSD station in San Jose. Near this station we saw prices of $6.10/gallon. We paid $5.19 per gallon on the TSD card. We saved $.91/ gallon ($6.10 less $5.19)
At 70 gallons, we saved $63.70! Note, if you did a good search, you probably could have found something less that $6.10/gallon (using an Internet fuel search.) We have always saved the $.30 to $.40 per gallon that TSD claims.

For gas guzzlers, you have to wait a little longer for TSD discounts on gas vs diesel; they are working on it.

We have noted that companies other than TSD are offering similar programs. Perhaps in the future, we will investigate these companies to make a comparison.

[You might be asking why the weekly BigRigBible travelogues are infrequent? We have been on a mountain top near Bradley, California for six weeks. We're at Melissa and Mario's, helping them with house projects, so interesting travel topics have eluded us.]

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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