Week 830 - A Bend in the Road - 07-10-2022

A Bend in the Road

You never know who's around the next Bend in the road. It is amazing how many people, that you know, are in your path. We left brother Larry's in Indian Valley, Idaho, heading to Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene is the Western Headquarters for RV repairs. Years ago there were four motorhome manufacturers in the Eugene area. One was Monaco who made our motorhome. There was Country Coach, a quality motorhome which sadly is out of business. Also out of business is Alpine. We drove Monacos and Country Coach, but never had a chance to drive an Alpine. All three companies built their own chassis. Rumor was that Alpine drove the best. It is now gone as is Country Coach. Monaco changed hands twice and is now made in Indiana. Marathon still makes million dollar motorhomes in Coburg.

We periodically come to the Eugene area for MH maintenance and repair. This year we set our sights on Eugene to correct an exhaust leak that was hissing like a snake. But, life is not just about maintenance. We got appointments a few weeks out, so we could enjoy the pickleball in Bend, Oregon.

On the way to Bend is Prineville. Patty, a good friend we spent three months with at Far Horizons RV Resort in Tucson, lives in Prineville in the summer. We spent 10 days at the Bend Elks Lodge. Pine Nursery Park has 16 PB courts where we have played before. Now, with 900 club members, there are only 4 courts open to the public. However, we managed to find club members who invited us to play.

We also played in Redmond at Sam Johnson Park with Patty, Connie (we met in Tucson) and Patty's daughter Carrie. In Bend we met Elks members, John and Linda, who had never played PB. We taught them, they got hooked and ordered PB paddles and stayed extra days just to get the paddles!

On the 4th of July we went to the Ochoco Creek Park for potluck and pickleball luck. Patty, Carrie and Connie provided food, fellowship and PB competition. On a trip to Costco, a lady tugged on Ellen's sleeve. Ellen thought a food vendor was trying to get her to taste. Nope, it was Jean from Far Horizon RV. Jean was one of Ellen's PB students, who by the way, is now addicted. Go figure! You just never know whose around the Bend in the Road.

These folks we do know. Daughter Emily, Chad and the five grandkids were on a trip to Seattle. By adding only 11 miles to their route they were able to come through Bend. We spent two days with "The Gang". A highlight was a day at Trampoline Zone. Here is Zeb and Micah attacking each other in the Dodge Ball area. Bouncing and throwing, running and jumping, does it get any better than that?

T-Zone has a number of courses similar to American Ninja Warrior. Coralyn is traversing the hanging net.

Hannie and Davie Jean both are knocked flat on the Gladiator Beam. Who doesn't want to knock your sister around?

Grandma and Mama Bear are pleased to watch the kids play.

But wait, Emily jumps into action on the Ninja obstacles.

Zeb conquers the Spider Wall with ease.

Hannie finishes the Swinging Steps, with Davie Jean coming next.

The biggest hit was the Climbing Wall. Six different walls to climb, each one unique. Mama Bear Emily and Micah race to the top.

Ouch, Davie Jean is injured. No lawsuit here, the injury was from a previous day. Nurse Ellen saves the day.

Zeb climbs the wall with the added option of sliding grips.

Coralyn and Hannie liked the wall too. Coralyn's wall had big spans between hand and foot ledges. Hannie electrified us on this obstacle.

Hannie was pretty happy with herself.

We asked Micah to pose with her amazing score of 12.18 seconds to the top. That was quite a day. Actually, just 90 minutes but with constant movement, it seemed like a day. Chad and Emily and the gang headed off to Seattle.

Patty invited us over for breakfast on our last day in the Bend area. Mandy is always up for a new ride. What is she peering at?

Oh, it's one of the alpacas on the property. It's not everyday you get to visit a pet alpaca.

We'll be off to Eugene for a MotherShip check up.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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