Week 779-781 - The People - 08-01-2021

The People

   (A visiting tour)

"The People" is always our answer when we are asked "What is your favorite place?" That's what makes this travelogue title so odd. We are on a "visiting tour" stopping to see friends and relatives. Whenever we return to see folks we already know, we usually forget to take photos. So this travelogue has no people in the pictures! So we added what we believe is a good representation of those we know and love; enjoy!

Our previous travelogue left off with the Wedding of Melissa and Mario.

The wedding was fabulous even with 100+ temps. We are looking for cooler weather and have not found it yet.

1) Melissa and Mario enjoying the cows in their wedding pasture. 2) Donnalee was heading back to NorCal, so we decided to follow along.

1) Our first stop over was Flag City RV Resort near Lodi. This was the second RV park for the MotherShip in 2006. 2) Our second night with Donnalee was at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA.

Next we moved onto the Redding CA Elks lodge where we spent a nice lunch with Kim, Donnalee's step daughter. Lunch at Dills Deli never disappoints.

Then off for a week at Chad and Emily's enjoying the five grandkids. A welcome relief was a full day at the Redding Water Works water park, whee!

The large Dixie fire made for a pretty cool moon photo.

Forgetting to dump our tanks before we visited at EmChads, we filled them to the brim. Our shortest trip to dumping was Gold Country Casino in Oroville, a new park for us. This allowed us to go to The Table church and have a "last supper" with the family.

God bless Google (or perhaps a curse). Google Maps kept us off the busy freeways on the way to Sparks, Nevada. You start on the Oro-Bangor highway, not a bad road.

But then you must take a 4-mile interconnecting path, Peoria Road. The road is about 10 feet wide (the MotherShip is 8 1/2 feet). Luckily when we met the three opposing vehicles, there was enough dirt shoulder to pass. The UPS driver was so kind to pull completely off the road for us. That's what Brown can do for you.

48 miles on Hwy 20 was smooth sailing. Many RVers would not like Hwy 20, but after Peoria, it was a dream.

Arriving at Sparks Marina RV Park, we spent time with our friend Bill. Bill has also been a "San Luis Software" client since 1985. No he doesn't sell ice cubes to Eskimos, but light bulbs to the Government.

We escaped to Frontier RV Park in Winnemucca, Nevada, another new RV park for us. Our first night alone since the wedding.

The next day it was back to the visiting tour. Our Paso Robles friend Mike has remodeled his backyard in Boise, Idaho. The huge three bay shop abuts the professional pickleball court. We were able to play with Mike and his grandson and enjoy table games at night Thank you Mike, for the hospitality.

This week we'll continue our visits in Idaho with Ellen's brother Larry on his 200 acre ranch in Indian Valley. See you next week.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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