Week 739-741 - Hurry Up and Wait - 10-25-2020

Hurry Up and Wait

In early August we called for RV service appointments in the Eugene, Oregon area. The first available appointments were September 22 and 24, so we booked them. It worked out great as it took until September 20 for the wildfire smoke to clear out in Eugene.

While in Eugene we got two more appointments. One for March of 2021 to adjust our motorhome slides. The other appointment was to install a Ride Enhancement Kit for the MotherShip. The theory is the MS will drive more like a sports car when installed; we'll let you know. For this installation we had to wait 10 days which we did in Florence, Oregon on the coast. But, the necessary parts did not come in. After 14 days we moved to Veneta, Oregon to the enhancement company of Source Engineering. One of the perks of living full time in your RV is that you are always home. So while you wish you could move on, there are no deadlines that force you to.

Are we there yet? (She has no idea where she is!)

Our stay at the Florence Elks was great. Lots of places to visit.

We made two trips in the JeepShip to the beach which Mandy loved.

Our site at Source Engineering was clean, level asphalt, gated and free!

Still the parts were not there and after 7 more days we moved on to visit Emily, Chad and the grandkids.

You can tell when you leave Oregon arriving in California.

Splitting the trip to Emily's, we stayed at the Yreka RV Park.

1) This was a first; back in sites with a shade roof! Many are full time residents, but there are daily sites. We choose a pull thru as we were only staying one night. 2) We have never thought to use our bulldozer as a tow vehicle as these people did!

1) Arriving in Paradise, Grandma is delighted to hug the two youngest (out of five). 2) Chad and Emily enjoy an evening trying to spot the shooting stars.

After a second week with the kids and grandkids, we'll head back to Veneta for the Ride Enhancement Kit. Can't wait to let you know if it was worth it!

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from 10-25-2020

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