Week 712 - Fake News #2 - 04-05-2020

More Fake News #2

Not wanting to be left out, here is our COVID-19 Notice.
Like every other organization in America that has nothing to do with the virus, we want you to know we’re here to help In response to the extraordinary challenges of the coronavirus. Big Rig Bible is offering additional support to our viewers who are sheltering in place with us. We will continue to devote all necessary resources to help ensure your personal safety, maintaining six feet apart, and writing all of the travelogues you count on. And as new creative ideas emerge, we will share information with you about how we continue to operate safely and effectively and entertain all of you. We stand ready to support you. If you're bored, pacing and driving everyone around you crazy, just bury your face into our travelogues and we will help to ease your pain.

There, now that's done. Let's get on with More Fake News #2.

Fake News? Read these headlines, click on More Info for clues and you be the judge. Click on [Fake News?] for our thoughts.

The state of Texas long ago gave up on controlling graffiti .<=Read Headline

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[Fake News?] Fake News, paint the cars, just don't touch the fence!
<=Click for our thoughts

After a nationwide search we determined that Leonard was not the first to paint the Cadillacs.

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[Fake News?]True, but Leonard did pour more than 100,000 gallons of paint on His Salvation Mountain.

This poster from the April 2009 Tea Party rally in Sacramento, California was prophetic.

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[Fake News?]President Trump hired, Harry Reid fired, Barney Frank fired, only 1 more to go!
Then the world will look better.

Pete volunteered to dance the Can-Can at Diamond Tooth Gerties.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, this young lady pulled Pete out of the audience. But, seeing the reward you might volunteer!

This is the smallest ferry the MotherShip has ever been on.

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[Fake News?]Fake News no! Fake photo yes! That motorhome with the open slide is not the MotherShip. But you can see that this free ferry can only hold about 6 cars.

Alaska's Top of the World highway caused our engine to get dusted.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, a manufacturing defect was the cause of our rebuild. But, it probably hastened the demise of the MotherSick.

We photoshopped Pete into the Sun Bowl Lodge Ice Castle in Vermont.

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[Fake News?]Fake News, this is the year-round Ice Museum in Chena Hot Spring northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska.

This Fairbanks, Alaska Sun Dial shows you can read a book at 2:00 am.

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[Fake News?]True, in summertime Alaska people mow the lawn and golf at Midnight.

After six weeks Ellen is up on crutches being allowed to put 25% of her weight on the left ankle. So far, it is going according to the plan.

Okay, we're bored here, please reply. Now!

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from Sep 2008 to Jun 2009

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