Week 696 - Favorite Photos #32, Glacier National Park - 12-15-2019

Favorite Photos #32, Glacier National Park

Last week's TravelDog by Mandy got great reviews. Okay, we get it, we have been dog-shamed. We have been lazy, doing nothing but flipping rooms and counting the money! We really want to get back on the road and bring you more of the amazing stories of the beautiful country that God gave us, the good ole USA.

Until then we'll dig through our archive of 90,000 plus photos and bring you some of our favorites. We are a little behind as our favorites are shown in chronological order and we are still in 2009!

This weeks gallery from Glacier National Park was filmed in August 2009. It has been said by many that if you cannot visit Alaska, then just go to Alberta's Icefields Parkway. We say if you can't get to Alberta, visit Glacier Park.

Entering from the West Entrance you soon reach Lake McDonald. The road sits right on the lake for its full 10 mile length.

Glacier is home to super large mountain lakes and 1,557 miles of streams and hundred of miles of hiking trails. Our trip was on the Going-to-the-Sun Road which takes you 50 miles from the West to the East Entrance.

Leaving Lake McDonald from the west you drive along the 25 mile McDonald Creek, the longest in the park.

The mountain vistas in the park are spectacular. All of the water in the park comes from melting glaciers and melting snow pack.

Along the Sun Road is one of the many tunnels on the route.

The peaks are majestic whether in August here or covered with snow and ice in the winter.

The change in elevation on the Sun Road is about 3,200 feet and gives you great views, this one of McDonald Creek.

Waterfalls are abundant.

Beautifully carved tunnels cover the Sun Road.

Waterfalls closer to the east park entrance.

St. Mary Lake with a length of 8 miles is the second in size only to Lake McDonald.

Reaching the East Entrance took about four hours. The quickest would be about two hours without stops. Lower road speed limit is 45 mph while the higher hairpin curves max out at 25 mph.

Having just spent four months in Alaska and Canada, we were anxious to get back home and visit family. On a future visit we would spend many more days in the park and hike some of the 700 miles of trails.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from August 2009

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