Week 200 - City of Rocks Photo Collection - 06-13-2010

City of Rocks New Mexico Photo Collection

Did you enjoy Hide and Go Seek as a child?  Well, travel to the City of Rocks in Southwestern New Mexico and you can enjoy playing Hide and Go Seek as an adult.  This area is truly remarkable.  In the middle of very level plains the rocks in the "city" stand straight up as high as 40 feet.  Some say that millions of years ago a geological event occurred that formed these enormous rocks out of what?  We like to think that a great God created them for our pleasure.

Dry camping and camping with hookups is available.

For dry camping you can pick your own spot. They just ask that you space yourself away from others.  Nice touch!

The formations here are amazing.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of rocks of all shapes.

Why doesn't this rock fall over?

This one was heavy but not too much for "the man".

Ellen conquered this one even with her injured wrist.

Another balancing rock out the dozens in the park.

You probably would not want to park your RV under this rock.

Ellen finds a shady spot.

Peeking through this rock you see lots of formations and a pretty lady.

There are dozens of crevices like this that would make Adult Hide and Go Seek challenging.

Ho, hum, just more rocks that shouldn't stay in place!

There are plenty of great photo opportunities.

This one was a little tougher to shoot without a third person.  But no, this picture was not digitally modified, we just ran really fast!

Truly the United States is an incredibly diverse place. While you must drive a few dozen miles off the main road to get here, the City of Rocks is well worth it.

Have a wonderful week,

Love, Pete and Ellen

Photos from Mar 2007

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