Week 141 - Motor Home Alone - 04-26-2009

Notes from the Northwest,

Last week Ellen caught the AMTRAK from Sacramento to Paso Robles.  Pete was left to pilot the motor home alone, up to Seattle.  Ellen would fly from San Luis Obispo to SeaTac Airport.  It started off well:

Mothership Log for Week 141

Day 1
6:15 am Pete drops Ellen off at the AMTRAK station
6:30 am Pete sleeps for 3 hours at the Walmart Supercenter
7:38 am Ellen on the train
9:30 am Pete shops for groceries, getting to totally bypass the Produce section
2:00 pm Pete arrives at DeMartini RV in Grass Valley to get new motorhome AGM batteries.

Day 2

8:00 am Pete awakens, having dreamed that Ellen was irritated at him for snoring all night
11:00 am Ellen calls, worries that Pete is not yet awakened.
1:00 pm Tom, one of Pete's best friends arrives.  They both wonder why they can do whatever they want to!
2:40 pm Tom and Pete eat what they want and talk about the "good ole days".
5:25 pm Tom leaves, Pete feels no pressure to do laundry.

Day 3
Morning starts whenever Pete wakes up.
11:30 am Ellen heads off to lunch with the girls. Pete is productively working.
All day: Pete runs the air conditioning enjoying the coolness on a 90 degree day
8:00 pm Pete watches whatever channel he wants.

Day 4
Wake up to an alarm, Ellen not there to wake Pete
9:00 am Negotiate the Mothership into a tight parking spot at Fator Motorcycles, for new tires on scooter
10:00 am Get new engine filters for MS in prep to Alaskan trip
12:00 noon Lunch at Jack-in-the-Box, or Jack, as he likes to be called
12:30 pm Pete heads to see friend George in Ashland Oregon

By Day 5 as Pete is missing Ellen, all events become a big blur.  He drives hundreds of miles each day with the window open, talks to himself, but manages not to crash the motorhome even though other drivers seem to be doing their best to make that happen.

Day 6: Pete has no idea what happened.  Ellen visits with Melissa, John, Nick and Andrew.

Day 7 Pete and Ellen are re-united at the airport and enjoy a couple of days for R & R at the Burien Elks lodge.

We are headed to Alaska!  Next week we make final preparations and plan our route north.  It is going to be very exciting and we understand that the pictures will be amazing.  Way up North, love, Pete and Ellen

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