Week 128 - Southern California Coast - 01-25-2009

We feel good, da-da-da--da-da!

We're on the road again.  This week's travels.

On Sunday, January 11, 2009, Melissa was heading back to Point Loma Nazarene University.  At first we were going to follow her down to make sure that her car, Jorge, would make it. But we just don't travel as fast as she does.  So she arrived that evening, and we got to San Diego twelve days later!  We set a new record.  334 miles in 12 days, about 28 miles per day (No wisecracks Dar).

At Port San Luis Harbor we met many new RV friends.  One couple was Jacques and Diane, who own the Cabernet Bistro in Solvang. After leaving Paul's, with our new desk, we headed there.  We had a wonderful lunch and enjoy Jacques company very much.

1) Hwy 246 between Bulleton and Solvang. 2) Classic Solvang architecture.

Jacques at his dinner house.  We recommend it.

El Capitan is a well known beach north of Santa Barbara on Hwy 101.  On the foothill side of 101 is the private RV park, Ocean Mesa.  It is a new park with concrete pads and patios, full hookups including WiFi and cable TV.  The views from the pool and spa and your sites includes the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. We rate this park a 4,  but it is very pricey at $70 per night!

From El Capitan we made it over 40 miles in a single day to reach Rincon Beach.  This Ventura County beach has RV parking along Hwy 1 right on the ocean.  There are over 100 sites, with dry camping only, at $25/night.   As you can see Pete has to spend his days working  but the view from his corner office is pretty nice.

Ellen on the other hand has time to snap a few (hundred) photos of this gorgeous setting.

As you may know, we often frequent the Elks lodges and their RV parking.  After Rincon, we stayed at the Elks in Oxnard, Canoga Park and Oceanside.  You can see photos of the Elks on the Parks We Have Visited page at www.BigRigBible.com.

This is the beach at Oceanside.  The public has access to the entire beach which is separated from the condos and apartments by a public road.  There are hundreds and hundreds of units along this road and higher tiers behind these.

1) Some units are new and 2) some are older.  The larger unit on the right  has a 900 square foot, 2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor and a smaller studio on the top.  You can rent the 2-bedroom for $2,000 per month, with a one year lease.  The studio is $1,250 per month.  Or you could buy this unit and two smaller ones for just $1,900,000.  Get 'em while they're hot!

We had a great time this week visiting with Paul and Bob, Jacques, Tom and Sue and our girls Melissa and Emily and of course Chad.

Have a blessed week,

Love, Pete and Ellen

Photos from Jan 2009

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