Week - 120-127 Home for the Holidays, Tour 2009 - 01-18-2008

Happy New Year to everyone,

We are on the road again!  And we hope that you are ready to go!    Next week we will once again, start reporting on new places, RV parks, people and things to do on the road in the good ole USA. This email covers from Thanksgiving 2008 to Jan 18, 2009.

Twas a month before Christmas, and we just left Jamul (ha-mool)
Our SOWERS project's completed, the girls still in school
Ellen and Emily were out for some fun
Visited Robin, and her daughter and son

Thanksgiving has come and we're in such a good mood
But who will prepare, the turkey and food?
Come Chad, come Emily, came back from the store
And made turkey, potatoes, yams and much more

Its was time to go home, Missy could not wait
So El, Mel and Jorge headed to Paso quite late

Pete was left in the South, with the Mothership
To work, play and plan his Northerly trip
He stayed in the Valley at Tom and Sue's
On Tom's birthday they watched the Lakers NOT lose

Meanwhile Ellen is home having fun
Visiting her family, at Carla and Ron's

She had lunch with her sisters and cousin Judy too
And with Sherry and Susie, to just name a few

There was the ballet with Janet, Paula and Shelli
Diana, Nitzi, Barbara and Sandy
Walks round the lake with Janet and Janie
Coffee with Judy, nothing too crazy

Pete makes it home to visit family and friends
The homecoming game was the place to begin
Larry, Ken, Becky, Diana and Art
John, Chris and Serena, and that's just a start
Breakfast with Jon, Pete's twenty year pal
Lunch with Wally, Henry and Mark surely was swell

Pete and Ellen together, had plenty to do
Tacos with Janice/Frank, steaks with Steve/Sue

Dinner with Ben and Sid, and a game of Oh Hell
It's not a bad game, just ask and we'll tell
We stayed at R-Ranch with John and his kids
And at Friday night bingo, won most of the bids

There was a non-birthday dinner for Jean and for Pete
At the Guest House Grill we did all meet
Peter/Harriet, Dennis/Lynda, Becky and Steve
Anna and James, we didn't want to leave

We played Pinochle with John, Tony and Sandy
With Tim, Nitzi, Janet, Brad and also with Kathy
And there was Lisa and Paula and of course DR
Some won the night, some didn't make it too far

Christmas dinner at John's, cooked by Harmony
Was enjoyed by Melissa and Nick and the whole family

Chad and Em joined us after Jesus's birthday
Stayed four days in the RV, but were not in the way

We saw grandson Austin for just a brief time
And daughter-in-law Jen, they are both doing fine

Dennis and Lynda had us over for lunch
And we thank Janie and Wayne for dinner, a bunch
It was a special occasion to see Sandy and Dave
To catch up on old times and dinner was great

No trip to home would be complete
Without a trip to Art and Kelli's, with plenty to eat
They slaughtered a pig and cut out its guts
If you think we'll show photos, well then, you're nuts

On our final night home, we stopped at the store
And Andrew was there to see us once more
Then we were off, on Tour 2009
To find a nice place with lots of sunshine
Motorhomes get colder than your warm little house
So after the holidays we head for the South

But lo and behold the weather got warmer
So we only made it far as Port San Luis Harbor
Then we met new friends like Tom and Patty
But so many relatives, came down to the Jetty
Carla and Paula and Janice and Frank
And too many more, it's impossible to thank

But before our new tour, Ellen started to think
How to take Pete's desk, and cause it to shrink
So we headed to Paul's in Santa Maria
Drew up some plans on which we could agree
With Paul's helping hand and his great barbecue
The old desk is gone and we built something new.
1) Old desk  2) New desk

So with that we are off now chasing the sun
And travels, SOWERs projects and also some fun
Where will we go? There's is really no telling
But we praise God for family and friends, Love Pete and Ellen

Photos from Dec 2008 to Jan 2009

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