Week 117 - SOWERS Ministry - 11-09-2008

Hello from the SOWER Newbies,

In January 2006, we met "Bob" at the FMCA Motorhome rally in Indio, California.  He and his wife told us about the SOWER ministry, www.SowerMinistry.orgServants On Wheels Ever Ready is a Christian organization that matches up Christian couples with non-profit Christian groups, in the USA and Canada, that need volunteers.  Thus far on our road trip, our ministry has been to try to bless everyone we come in contact with. The trouble is, they seem to bless us more!  We joined SOWERS this year after being fingerprinted and getting FBI background checks, and a letter of recommendation from our pastor. 

The typical SOWER project lasts one month.  The project host offers RV camping, usually with hookups, for a four week period.  In return the SOWER couples give 72 hours of work.  For three weeks, you work six hours per day, Monday through Thursday.  You get a three-day weekend to explore the area.  And you may camp a full fourth week at the project with no work required.

Our first project, for November 2008, is at Indian Hills Camp at 15763 Lyons Valley Road, Jamul (ha'mool), California.   Jamul is 30 miles east of San Diego.  Work at a project might be new construction, maintenance, cleaning or whatever the host needs. 

Indian Hills Camp is in its 48th year (11-2006).  It's all about KIDS.  Thousands of kids from 8 to 14 years come every year.  They have summer camps, 6th grade science camp, school field trips, weekend group camping and many more camping opportunities.  They also rent out the facilities to the YMCA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, churches, schools and other groups.  In 2003, they began sending groups to countries such as Russia, Croatia, Mexico, Nicaragua, India and Romania.  Since 2003 there have been over 10,000 children accepting Christ as their Savior as a result of this camp's ministry.

The "Barn" is the large meeting hall at the camp.

Every SOWER project has a GL, Group Leader.  John is ours.  Rosie is the LGL, ladies group leader.  They called us on the way to the project, and met us as soon as we arrived to help us set up camp.

Having not seen "the girls" and Chad since June, we hopped on the scooter and met them for dinner in San Diego. Below is Melissa's friend Julie, Mel, Chad, Em and Ellen at Pizza Nova.

On Monday we started work.  Aunt Bea is one of the two ladies that started this camp.  She has lived at the camp for the last 20+ years and has been the inspiration behind this wonderful ministry.

Fort Moxie is a cool rock fort.  Ellen hasn't figured out how to reach it yet, but she will.

Accommodations include cabins, Conestoga wagons ...

tepees and tents.  Weekend family campers will bring RVs and tents.

1) A zip line and 2) human Foos Ball.  Players in Foos Ball are attached by cables across the court allowing them to move left and right but not forward and backward.  Sounds fun, hope we get to try it!

This big slide is really fun for kids and SOWERS!

The majority of the camp staff are high school and college age volunteers, many of whom fell in love with the camp and the Lord when they were 8 to 14 years old.

Rosie didn't let Ellen's birthday go unnoticed.  Being at a kid's camp, Ellen got to go on the slide and eat cupcakes.  Hooray for John and Rosie, they are the best Group Leaders we have ever had!

This map will look very familiar as we will be here for the remainder of the month.  But even though we are planted here for weeks, we will have great news to share about this project and our SOWER friends.

It is a blessing to be here, we thank you for your support.

Love, Pete and Ellen

Photos from Nov 2008

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