Week 110 - Outdoor Resorts in the Ozarks and Branson MO - 09-21-2008

"What a Country"

After Tropical Storm Ike passed us by, we spent four more days with our new friends. 1) A view of Table Rock Lake at the Resort.  2) The new pool and spa by the clubhouse.  There is also the very nice original pool and spa by the RV sites.

There is a tennis court and three Pickleball courts.  We were taught Pickle Ball here in 2006.  This year it was our turn to teach it to our new friends, Jerry and Shirley.

God's mercies are "new every morning", world wide as well as here at Outdoor Resorts.

It wouldn't be the Ozarks without a 140 mile bike through the hills and nearby towns. They plan frequent rides for any who want to take part.

Pictured below is Paul on the left, his wife Cara and our friend Kevin, "the leader of the pack".  Kevin led us on the bike trip on our last day. That evening Paul came by our house and asked what it would take for us to stay one more day.  He said that if we stayed, he would motor us and his thirteen friends 26 miles up the lake to lunch.  You can't refuse that! So about 15 of us in two pontoon boats headed out.

New since our last visit are two very deluxe boat docks.  Completely covered, each slip has a air-inflated system to lift every boat out of the water. 

1) This is Wayne's tri-hull pontoon boat, similar to Paul's.  These boats travel 45 mph and offer a very smooth ride, especially on this day where the water was like glass.  2) Lunch at the lake is a regular treat for the folks at Ozarks Resort and everyone is welcome!

1) Each dock holds 20 boats, has power to keep the batteries charged and each has storage bins for tools and accessories.  2) This is Paul's boat made by Crest.  The fit and finish is nicer than our motorhome.  The house in photo No. 1 belongs to Pastor Teddie and Charlene, which they loan to family and friends visiting owners of the resort.  As typifies them, they gave up their dock rights so that the Corps of Engineers would approve the docks for the resort.

1) The rain from Ike brought the lake level right up to the golf course.  2) The Blue Heron checks out the lake for fish.

Sadly, saying goodbye to Kevin, Paul and Cara, Bob and Connie and Jerry and Shirley, and others, we headed to Branson MO.  1) The Dick Clarke Theatre has plenty of vintage vehicles in the lobby and more in their museum.  2) The Gatlin Brothers were great.  Here are Steve, Larry and Rudy posing for a photo op.

These brothers started young; they have been singing together for 54 years (09-2008).  Branson is filled with talented families that sing together.  The Presleys, unrelated to Elvis, have four generations that perform.

1) Branson Landing is a shopping complex on the east side of town situated on Lake Taneycomo.  The Harley Davidson shop is just being completed.  It is unclear, but we believe that they will be willing to float you a loan.  2) The fountains were running in the day.  We  heard but did not see, that at night they combine a fire show along with the water.

Our second show was Yakov Smirnoff, the famous Russian comedian.  Pete highly recommends this family-friendly show.  Yakov came here from Russia with his parents years ago.  He has acted, is very funny and has had his own theatre in Branson for 15 years.

Yakov became an American citizen in 1986 at the ceremony on Ellis Island when the Statue of Liberty restoration was unveiled.    One of this pet phrases is "What a Country".  Yakov loves America.  Even though he cannot become president, he did give a presidential speech and took questions from the audience.  He has many great ideas for America.  One question asked was "how would he lower the price of gasoline". He said "he would sell it by the quart".  At the end of the show, he put his humor aside and gave a very impassioned speech revealing his admiration for the USA.  For anyone who whines about our country, come to this show to be shamed.

After a wonderful time in Branson, we pointed the Mothership to the west and started back toward California.  Pete loves the Eastern highways that are molded to the contours of the hills.

We show our general direction below. We move slowly each day and week.  We try to keep one day's travel to 150 miles or less and that only twice week.  So it will take us three weeks to reach Farmington, New Mexico when we will be at an FMCA motorhome rally.  We will be in San Diego for Thanksgiving and Atascadero for Christmas.

Have fun, see you soon!

Love, Pete and Ellen

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Photos from Sep 2008

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