Week 96 - California Highway 1 - 06-15-2008

California Coastal Communications,

After seven months of hanging around the Southwest, we are on the road again.  We left Paso Robles and headed up California's historic Highway 1. Before we bought our motorhome, we had rented a 35-footer and went up the same Hwy 1.  We remember how nerve-racking it was.  But with 39,000 miles of experience we thought our 44 footer would be okay!  And it was.  Of the 100 miles of coastal highway, 10 miles or less are tight turns.  And as God would have it, we never met any cars in the tight sections.

We will be working our way to Oregon, Washington and beyond.  Ellen is recovering slowly from her Torn Meniscus knee surgery.  We can't wait until she is ready to bike and hike again.

There was obviously a fire in the area, but we only saw the smoke.

Occasionally, we could find a place to pull over for non-moving pictures.

This section of Highway 1 between San Simeon and Carmel is known as the Cabrillo Highway.  It was built between 1919 and 1937.

Hearst Castle as well as Elephant Seals can be seen along the route.

These are Elephant Seals, not sardines.  On the right are squirrels.

The following few pictures are some of the highlights of the hundreds that Ellen took along the way.

Next week we will be in the area near Grass Valley and Chico, California. We are hoping the fires there will be out.

Have a blessed week,

Love, Pete and Ellen

Photos from Jun 2008

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