Week 80 - Monaco Motorcoach Pre-Rally, Lancaster CA - 02-24-2008

Hello to all,

We spent this week with our neighbors, Ben and Sid, and our 900 closest friends at a Monaco Pre-Rally in Lancaster CA. Throughout the year FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) holds rallies in various states. This year the FMCA International Convention is in Pomona, CA. It will draw thousands of motorhomers from all over the US. We will attend FMCA next week. Prior to the larger rallies, Monaco holds are "pre-rally". The Pre-Rally has just Monaco owners and is sponsored by Monaco, dealers and vendors. Each day they provided a great breakfast, a happy hour, dinner and nighttime entertainment. Monaco and other vendors also offer two no cost repairs for each coach. The weather was not pleasant but the rally was great.

The beautiful Lancaster sunrise.

From the top of the grandstand, you can see some of the 477 Monaco coaches at the rally.

All you can eat breakfast and dinner was in the Poppy Pavilion. Aren't those old people cute?

Entertainment every night. 1) The Diamonds with "Lil Darlin" from the fifties. 2) Lynn "Wyn" Roberts with music, humor and impressions. 3) Swingtown with music from the Big Band era and through the decades. We did not make it past the 40s! 4) And the last night was Tombstone.

Here is Sid either telling us how to pose for the picture, showing us a new dance move or checking to see if Ben ate too much! We all had a good time dancing to Tombstone.

There were 40 or so new 2008 coaches to walk through. Ellen liked this one.

To the untrained eye, it might look similar to our Diplomat. One difference is that is costs $450,000.00 more than ours.

Twilight at the rally.

And another one of Ellen's beautiful sunrises.

That's all for this week. Next week off the Pomona for the FMCA International Convention. We just added our 100th recipient to our weekly emails. We feel like Forrest Gump running across America. And like Forrest, someday we are sure that we will just stop. But for now, thanks for traveling with us.

Love, Pete and Ellen
Photos from Feb 2008

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