Week 78 - Aguanga CA - 02-10-2008

Another Week in Aguanga,

Jojoba Hills RV Park in Aguanga is a great place to be.  We spent a second week with beautiful weather.  This 14-day stay was our longest by far, in the last 2 years.  Pete got a lot of work done and we watched $.50 videos at night.  Their library has hundreds of great video/DVD selections.  But the highlight of being there was the friends we made playing Pickleball.  Park membership is only available to those 55 and older.  Many of the Pickleball players are in the mid to late 70's.  They are nice people and great players.

A beautiful sunrise led into a great week of weather as most of California enjoyed.

Ellen returns the ball playing doubles, which is the norm.  Hey, is her partner our neighbor Ben ? No he is 77 year old Gordon.

The Pickleball court is played sideways on a tennis court.  You must stay out of the "kitchen", the small rectangle next to the net.

The Palomar Observatory was only five miles (as the crow flies) from our RV park.  It is 45 miles by paved road but only 14 miles by a dirt road.  We had no idea what the dirt road was like, but headed out anyway. The views were great as we elevated quickly.

The snow-capped mountains are the 11,000 foot San Jacinto range that borders Palm Springs.

This view from the Palomar dirt road shows our park, Jojoba Hills RV Park in the middle.  The Rancho California with its many ponds is in the lower portion of the photo.

Vail Lake is to the west of Aguanga halfway toward Temecula.  The road got rougher the higher we got.  We turned around after 5+ miles, but got great views.

To get to the Palomar dirt road we needed to cross Temecula Creek.  The creek was over 100 feet wide the day after a heavy rain.  On this day it disappeared under the sand.  Pete sped across the creek as the scooter tire sank into the slushy sand.

On Saturday we were forced the leave the park as our site was reserved.  We headed to Hemet, CA and will report on it next week.  And we will meet up with some of our good RV friends.

May the Lord bless your week,

Love, Pete and Ellen
Photos from Feb 2008

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