Week 13 - Lake Havasu, Colorado River and Indio - 11-12-2006

Lake Havasu, Colorado River and Indio

Normally we drive 150 or less miles per day.  We really enjoy the sights as we travel along and stop whenever either one of us wants to.  However,  after the basketball clinic in Utah at 58 degrees, Pete drove 567 miles in two days to get out of Utah!  We looked forward to Lake Havasu City.  Ellen had made a few trips there with her family and we spent a few days of our honeymoon camped on the beach.  Well, golly, things change.  It has changed so much, we could not find the beach we camped on.  Was it paved over or what?  And the London Bridge has so many buildings around it, it took a while to find it.  There was limited cell service and no Verizon Internet.  After staying the night at Walmart we were just heading out of town and stopped to see one last RV park.  It was very nice and we stayed for two nights.  Then we moved a few miles down the road to Riverside RV park right on the Colorado River near Parker AZ.  Nothing fancy, but the park staff and others were very nice.  Our final destination for the week was Outdoor Resorts Motorcoach Country Club.  This is probably the top of the line park in the USA.  You can stay at a water site for only $82.00/night.  Or you can purchase a site for $189,000.00 to $567,000.00.  Then you pay hundreds of dollars per month for Home Owner's Association dues, the electricity bill and annual property taxes.  Must be nice!  We got two free nights after taking a one hour sales tour from a very nice and non-pushy salesman.  Many of the coaches in this park are the Newell brand.  The Newell family themselves have two lots here.  Newell coaches are custom built, starting at $1,000,000.00 before customization.

We met three "normal" families while we stayed here and enjoyed our visits with them.  The rest are probably very nice but we never found out.  Well that was fun! Now back to real world of gravel sites and Walmarts. 

Here is Pete working on a new software program at Lake Havasu.

The view from our site on the Colorado River.

The road to Indio.  Traffic was reasonable on this day.

The rest of the pictures are of the Outdoor Resorts Motorcoach Country Club.

The 5-star dinner house.

Our site with water in front and the mountains in the backdrop.  This is a new site with no custom changes.

This customized site has it own private pool overlooking the waterways.

One of the many fountains.

One of several bridges for the golf carts.

The pool below the dinner house.

Until next week, God bless.

Pete and Ellen

Motorhome Q&A:  How do you get your mail?  There are many Mail Forwarding services for RVers. You pay a fee and let them know what mail you want forwarded: first class only, magazines, catalogs, etc.  You just let them know where you are each week and they bundle up your mail and ship it to you, usually overnight.  We are more fortunate.  Ellen's sister Janice has been willing to handle our mail for us.  We submitted a change of address so our mail goes to her.  She takes care of everything and even faxes items to us if we need quick delivery.  How wonderful is that?  Love you Janice.

Photos from Nov 2006

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