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Motorhome & RV Products listed Alphabetically

This is a list of items you will need or might want. Click on photo for larger image. We have used all these products and services. We recommend them but receive no commissions or fees. Big Rig Bible is Ad Free but loaded with recommendations.

Internet Hot Spot: Today it is a paperless world. While you can get by with "paper", you will miss a lot of good information, like BigRigBible.com. All cellular carriers offer you Internet access. It can be on your smart phone or a hot spot. Generally, the hot spots will be faster and can be accessed by all devices in your vehicle. Verizon claims to have the most coverage across North America. You may have service with another cellular company and be very happy with them. However, if you travel throughout the United States, there is no doubt that Verizon indeed has the best coverage. We have been to 50 states and 5 provinces and can confirm that we have coverage when others do not. Twice, in ten years, other carriers had better coverage.

Air Hose and Connectors: You will need this for filling your tires. Tires have a specified PSI (pounds per square inch) for the weight you are carrying. This PSI is measured when tires are cold. Suppose you check your pressures at an RV park and find them low. If you drive to a service station to fill the tires, the pressures will have increased. You can no longer fill them to the correct cold PSI setting.

Get a new small unit, not your large one from home.

You're missing the boat bike, if you don't bring these. They are fun, great exercise and will save you on fuel purchases. Make sure to buy a good lock so you can keep your bikes.

Chairs and tables: Outdoor chairs and tables are a must. We love the larger "zero gravity" chairs. We found some at Costco that collapse to a small size but have a built in side table.

Cleaning and lube products:
You will many for every different surface. We have dozens of different products and could give you a list if you email us.

GPS Mapping:
We would not be without one. We have the world's best, but it is no longer available. Google maps on you PC or phone might suffice. We supplement our older GPS with our smart phones using Google Maps. Be aware that all GPS program will be wrong at times. Always look at the map before you start. When you feel the GPS is leading you astray, check you map again and overrule it!

Optional, but great fun on lakes and rivers. Our are inflatable kayaks from Advanced Elements. They fold and store in a small storage bag and tuck into our storage bin.

You can use the built-in ladder for many tasks, but at times you will need to each high on the walls and it would be dangerous to reach from the roof.

Long TV cable: Get a long (30-50 foot) cable, you'll need it. Even if you have satellite TV, there will be times that you want cable, like when the trees block your satellite.

Notebook Computer, Tablets and Smart Phones:
For all your communication needs. Everyday there is more and more information only available on the Internet.

Power: 30 amp cable, 50/30 and 30/20 adapters
: We carry the built-in 50 amp power cable, two 25-foot 30 amp cables, a 25-foot 120 volt power cord and the adapters to connect all these together. More than once, we have needed all these strung together.

Soda Maker:
We have used SodaStream for over 10 years! It is cheaper than purchased cans, requires almost no space, does not require recycling and you can have a dozen flavors available at all times.

Sewer hoses:
The hose you are given in a new motorhome is usually too short. We carry two 10-foot hoses that link together. With our brand each hose shrinks down to 2-feet and takes little space with traveling. We have a clear plastic elbow that allows us to flush until we see a clear water flow.

Storage Boxes:
Proper storage adds joy to your travels. We took measurements of our storage compartments. Then we searched online to find the exact sizes that would maximize our carrying capacity. We were then able to purchase the bins locally.

Tool box:
You will need a lot of hand tools for inside repairs. The next page shows all the tools and supplies that we carry.

Water filter: Clean water is good for you and your tanks. Go to a large FMCA RV rally and you will find dozens of water filtering systems. At a minimum get a carbon filter such as the TastePURE filter available at Camping World or Walmart.

Products researched and not purchased: Here's a list!

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