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Full Timing Motorhome Costs

The Motorhome: Obviously, you must purchase your motorhome. We built our own house in 1977 and our motorhome cost far more than our house. Beyond the motorhome, there are many more items you will need to purchase. The MH was expensive, but we encourage you not to scrimp on accessories. The amount you spend on smaller, more compact, RV-designed items, the more you will save in storage room and time.

The Toad (tow car): Your vehicle may not be able to be towed. If it cannot, budget for a vehicle that can be. The alternatives, are a car dolly or trailer, are burdens that can really take the fun out of moving around. They take extra time and require that you find parks that have room for these items. Our "Toad" is a 650cc Suzuki Scooter. For that we had to purchase a carrier and pay for mounting alterations. With a vehicle you will need to purchase a tow bar and base plates, an in-vehicle braking system, brake light wiring and dirt and gravel shields. Air tire monitor systems will keep you from dragging around your car with a low tire.

Accessories: You might be surprised at the accessories that you need. Click Next to see many of the products that we rate.

Modifications: You can have dozens of modifications made, from simple issues of changing furniture to adding solar panels, a window and other items. All of these cost more than they would in your home. Don't assume anything will be cheap!

Food, fuel and RV Parks: The largest part of your monthly expenses will be these items. The good news is that traveling by RV is far cheaper than traveling by cars or airlines and hotels and eating in restaurants.

Activities: You can spend nothing or thousands on activities. Be aware that many things that 20 years ago were free, now are available only for a fee. Like visiting Four Corners. It was free when we were kids, now it costs $3.00 per person (08-2012).

Maintenance: If you want your MH to last for 10 or 20 years, you have to take care of it. Maintenance includes, but is not limited to: oil changes, filter changes, battery maintenance, washes, checking tire pressures, chassis lubes, roof sealing, slide out lubrication, cleaning levelers, tightening bolts, interior cleaning, black/gray tank flushing and cleaning, fresh water tank cleaning, etc.

Domecile State: The state you live in controls the amounts you pay in fees and taxes. As a full time motorhome traveler choosing a new state might save you a lot of money. Choosing A Domicile State:

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